Keep Track of Equipment Care

As your list of equipment grows with the demand for your business, it’s going to become more difficult to keep track of when each piece was last serviced, when parts were replaced, even something as simple as how many miles are on each truck or the gas in each mower. All of this can be monitored through Smart Service by inputting the requisite information at the end of the day. This information links up with everything else you’ve input and creates a detailed log of equipment care that you can refer to. Smart Service will even alert you when it’s time to get a vehicle or machine serviced!

Have the Most Up to Date Information on Every Customer

Scheduling is an important part of an effective dispatching process, but it’s not the only part. You have to make sure the teams that you send out have all the customer and equipment information for each location they visit that day. What work was done last time? Does the customer have pets? The Smart Service mobile app links you to your teams in a more streamlined way. When they open or refresh the app, they’ll see any new changes or information that you’ve added to their job. They’ll also be able to look at all previous job history including pictures and additional notes. They can also add new information while on the job to keep the customer file up to date. Your customer history stays accurate, current, and available.

Remove Guesswork and Paperwork From the Equation

Prepare to say goodbye to every handwritten, messy, misplaced work order with Smart Service landscape dispatch software. Losing work orders in the field doesn’t just give you a headache, it also costs you money. Using our mobile app iFleet to modernize field work, completely eliminates that worry. With a forms button on every work order, your teams can collect signatures, take photos, complete checklists, and make notes that will all be synced with the office software for a seamless integration that keeps your business running smoothly. That daily headache of sorting, double checking, and scanning or filing your forms vanishes, and you can devote more attention to running and growing your business! 

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