Electrician Software Made for QuickBooks

Smart Service is the premier QuickBooks add-on for electrician companies. QuickBooks already takes care of your accounting, but with Smart Service electrician software added on, it can handle your scheduling, dispatching, and customer management with similar flair. Don’t rely on paper and pen, and don’t fill out the same information twice. Embrace the future with an effective electrician software solution today! Learn more.

Electrician Scheduler Software with Time Tracking

Every electrician outfit is different, and Smart Service is built to help them all. Our customizability allows users to track whatever information they want. When technicians show up at a customer location, they can start tracking the time they spend on the job, as well as all the parts they use and services they perform. This information travels back to the office digitally, keeping everyone on the same page. Learn more.

Advanced Mobile Technology

Would your technicians benefit from accessing detailed schedules, forms, and work orders on their mobile devices in the field? Of course they would! Our mobile app iFleet gives them that, and much more. Techs can update work orders, complete paperwork, and collect payments, all without returning to the office! iFleet + Smart Service = the best electrician software solution! Learn more.

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