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Smart Service Update 119: Invoice Management

Smart Service Update 119: Inventory Management

Update 119 brings a brand new way to keep track of your invoices in Smart Service!

Invoice Management

We’ve added a new screen to the Office section Smart Service to view and manage Invoices posted from Smart Service. From this screen, you can filter to view open, overdue, or paid invoices, and filter by date or by days past due. You can open the record for each invoice, see the invoice information and open balance, and print or email selected invoices. To access the Manage Invoices screen, a user needs to have permission to post work orders.

Office Screen Reorganization

With the addition of this screen, we’ve reorganized the Office section of Smart Service to improve organization. Some options have been moved or regrouped, but all existing options will still be present.

Other Enhancements

  • Manufacturer’s Part Number and Preferred Vendor will now show up in Smart Service if they are filled out in QuickBooks
  • You can now choose to display History records on the schedule based on scheduled time instead of timestamps.
  • We’ve added an option to reparent jobs when “Do not add jobs to QuickBooks” is enabled.
  • The End Time dropdown will now hide times that are before the Start Time.
  • You can now create a saved payment method without immediately processing a payment.
  • We’ve added a link to the Customer Portal under the Help menu for users with Settings access.


Other Resources

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