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Smart Service Update 120: New Deposit Process

Smart Service Update 120: New Deposit Process and Email Tracking

Update 120 brings a brand new way to keep track of your invoices and emails in Smart Service!

New Deposit Process

We’ve added a new option for how to manage deposits collected through Smart Service. Using this new option, you can define a Deposit Item that will be used to represent the deposit collected. This option was added to enable users to define a separate QuickBooks account for deposits, for customers that use a current liabilities account. (Enhancements 9231, 9829 & 9880)

Track Emails Sent through Smart Service

Starting in version 120, when you use one of the email options in Smart Service to send an email, Smart Service will create an email correspondence record, so you can see what was sent to the customer and when it was sent. (Enhancements 9086 & 9851)

Other Enhancements

  • Completing a job in iFleet now creates an audit log entry for the Completed Date field in Smart Service. (Enhancement # 9418)
  • Added a subtotal field to the Receive window in the Inventory module (Enhancement #9439)
  • Inactive employees will no longer appear in the Employee dropdown on the Print Work Orders screen. (Enhancement #9611)
  • Added a new Estimate template to match the Invoice template added in version 115. (Enhancement #9623)
  • Added text to the job scheduling tab clarifying how posting works for non-recurring jobs with additional dates. (Enhancement #9655)
  • When emailing invoices from Smart Service, the invoice PDF will now include the invoice number in the file name. (Enhancement #9729)
  • You can now assign a mail merge template file to a marketing campaign. (Enhancement #9737)
  • Added an option to hide inventory and non-inventory items on the invoice when using Lump Sum pricing. (Enhancement #9744)
  • Opening and closing equipment in Smart Service no longer scrolls to the top of the equipment list. (Enhancement #9751)
  • Inactive employees are now hidden by default when selecting which employees to enable Smart Routes for. (Enhancement #9755)
  • Updated the labels for the Print Work Orders and Print Estimates screens to use the heading names selected in Settings. (Enhancement #9756)
  • Added an option to include inactive records within the Lookup Tool. (Enhancement #9766)
  • You can now sort invoices alphabetically on the Manage Invoices screen. (Enhancement #9822)
  • Added a Total field at the bottom of the Automated Billing Management screen. (Enhancement #9826)
  • You can now select multiple invoices at once by holding the shift key while clicking the check box on the Manage Invoices screen. (Enhancement #9836)
  • Revised the SMS registration with clearer instructions and additional industry options. (Enhancement #9849)
  • Added Customer Notes to the Smart Pane on the Scheduler screen. (Enhancement #9885)

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