Built for QuickBooks

If you’re already using QuickBooks, Smart Service is the perfect landscaping business software solution. Smart Service is a QuickBooks add-on, meaning all the scheduling and landscaping job information you enter into Smart Service immediately appears in QuickBooks. Forget about double data entry and start keeping all your landscaping company’s work in the same software system! Learn more.

Streamline Billing

The best software ties scheduling, dispatching, and work orders directly to billing, allowing you to automatically generate an invoice the moment your team arrives on site to do their work. Bill for single jobs or in batches for repeat work. With Smart Service landscaping software, the power is yours. Use it well! Learn more.

Manage Landscaping Teams with Ease

Thanks to mobile software, landscaping business owners can now stay connected to their field workers throughout the day. The Smart Service mobile app is perfect for monitoring workforce progress and keeping your teams’ schedules up to the minute. At a glance, you’ll know which landscaping crews are making money and which are slacking on the job. Learn more.

No More Paper Work Orders

Paper work orders have long posed a problem for landscaping companies. Handwritten notes can be difficult to read and forms often get crumpled, lost, or dirtied during the course of the day. Clean up the guesswork and eliminate wasted time by switching to Smart Service as your landscaping business software. Embrace digital paperwork and remove any margin for error! Learn more.

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