QuickBooks Add-On Streamlines Your Operation

QuickBooks makes your billing, accounting, and even payroll easier. But it doesn’t help with customer management, equipment management, scheduling or dispatching. That’s where Smart Service landscape estimating software can come in to pick up the slack. Smart Service syncs with QuickBooks, meaning that rather than having two separate entities to manage, Smart Service updates QuickBooks with your daily actions and changes.

Link Your QuickBooks Data With Smart Service

Because Smart Service integrates with QuickBooks, you never have to worry about where your data lives. All of your customers, past jobs, billing cycles, and more become part of a Smart Service data file that you own. You can also keep track of what you previously charged for different jobs and clients with our detailed customer management system. With Smart Service landscape estimating software you never have to worry about losing track of job prices or price history because it will all remain easily accessible. Just type in a client’s name and click on their digital file. You will see up to 30 previous jobs per customer, leaving you with a hefty history of prices, work orders, and pictures.

Smart Service Makes Complicated Billing And Forms Easy

How many times have you looked at a stack of messy handwritten work orders that you needed to go through? How often have you discovered that some vital paperwork went missing altogether? Smart Service estimating software for QuickBooks changes the way you think about forms and filing. The Smart Service mobile app lets your teams take digital, fillable versions of all the forms they need with them everywhere they go on their mobile devices. As soon as one of these forms is submitted, it’s sent back to the office and integrates with your QuickBooks. Reduce your clutter and maximize your efficiency with Smart Service.

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