Use Customer History to Schedule New Jobs

Smart Service uses previous information to forge a seamless integration with QuickBooks. This means that you can get back to business as soon as set up is complete. Our scheduling is fast, easy to use, and great for either recurring maintenance appointments or multiple appointments within the same job. The easy-to-use scheduling interface is designed so you see the jobs you have scheduled for the week in one window. Simply click and highlight a time to schedule a new job. Without any additional steps, that job will show up on your team’s phone or tablet via our mobile app. They will have access to customer information, job history, job notes, and any forms that needed

Make the Most Out of Your Season

Your busiest seasons can be just that: busy! Smart Service landscape scheduling software uses a simple calendar view so that you can squeeze as much work into one day as possible. Optimize routing by sorting jobs via zip code when assigning them, or arrange them by job type. By looking at the hourly scheduling you can assign more jobs better than ever before without worrying about overlap or forgetting anyone. Smart Service is there to make sure you have an efficient and streamlined scheduling system to back you up.

Stay Connected With Your Field Technicians

Forget about how you communicated with your teams before, Smart Service can elevate your dispatching. Your office can use GPS tracking to manage different teams and keep everyone updated via our mobile app. You can track how long each job took in addition to seeing the work order to review what each team did that day. The Smart Service mobile app also gives your team the ability to email or call clients en route to update them on specific arrival times. Keep your customers happy and your business optimized with Smart Service landscape scheduling software.

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