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The Smart Service Scholarship Is Back in Action

We are happy to announce that our Smart Service Scholarship is back. Learn about past winners, scholarship details, and instructions on how to apply.

In 2016, My Service Depot initiated the Smart Service Scholarship Fund. We love our customers and we’re proud to serve the hard working service professionals that make up society’s backbone.

Whether it’s HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, landscaping, or something as specialized as pet food delivery, we believe strongly in the value of the work our customers do. That’s why we’re excited to announce that the Smart Service Scholarship has returned!

Smart Service Scholarship Winners

To date, the Smart Service Scholarship has been awarded on four separate occasions. The first award was given to Johnathan Wright in 2017, and with such a great outcome and so many applicants seeking the award, we knew we had to keep it going.

So that is precisely what we did, and in 2018 after scrutinizing the credentials of dozens of qualified, enthusiastic, and worthy candidates, the scholarship was awarded to Dominic Velasquez of Cabrillo College. In 2019, Jody-Ann Young an aspiring plumber with Allentown Master Plumbers Association was awarded with the scholarship. And in 2020, we were proud to announce Talha Jahangir of North Carolina A&T State University as our 2020 Smart Service Scholarship winner.

Dominic Velasquez of Cabrillo College
Jody-Ann Young an aspiring plumber with Allentown Master Plumbers Association
Talha Jahangir of North Carolina A&T State University

Smart Service Scholarship Reignited

Unfortunately in 2021, our company, like many others, felt the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Scholarship was put on hold. Fortunately, we have now reestablished the Smart Service Scholarship fund in a new and exciting format. We have worked with the non-profit to create and reignite the Scholarship.

With this format we are able to have a little more control over the process and can even accept donations from donors to increase the size of the fund. We have decided to continue choosing one qualified applicant, but in the event that the fund grows in size, we may decide to pick more than one person for the award.

Who Can Apply?

The Smart Service Scholarship awards students (both high school and undergraduate) who have shown an interest in pursuing a career in a skilled trade or field service profession. What makes this scholarship unique is that we’ve decided to offer it exclusively to students interested in these fields.

At Smart Service, we feel that too much effort is spent directing young men and women towards pursuing traditional four year colleges and liberal arts degrees when those degrees don’t necessarily translate into good jobs for graduating students. We’d like to help offer an alternative path to a satisfying career. To learn more about it, please visit the Smart Service Scholarship page or visit the fund page directly on