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Smart Service Update 117: 64-Bit Upgrade & More

Smart Service Update 117: 64-Bit Upgrade & More

Update 117 brings 64-Bit capability to Smart Service as well as some customer-requested features and improvements!

64-Bit Upgrade

Previously, Smart Service was running on Microsoft Access Runtime 2013 which will reach its end of life on April 11th, 2023. Not only have we upgraded to Access Runtime 365, but we also took this opportunity to provide you with a 64-bit version of Smart Service!

Why 64-Bit?

The upgrade brings new possibilities and various improvements that our team can build upon. For example, a 32-bit program is limited to using 4 gigabytes of RAM. Making a 64-bit Smart Service means we can use more resources to bring you a faster Smart Service!

Also, 64-bit versions also require driver signing which is Microsoft’s protocol to keep potentially hazardous unsigned drivers from running on your system. As a result, you can add enhanced security measures to the list of benefits!

What Happens When You Download Version 117?

During the update, Smart Service checks if you use 32-bit or 64-bit office and install the correct version for you automatically.  You can check which version of Office you use by opening any office program and checking as shown below.

When you update to version 117, we’ll determine which version of Access to install according to the following flowchart.

QBFC 16.0 Upgrade

Since we’re updating which version of Access Runtime we use, now is a great time to update our integration with QuickBooks. QuickBooks Foundation Class 16.0 (QBFC 16) was made available with the release of QuickBooks 2022 and newer. 

How does this help you? Smart Service now has the ability to use QBFC 16.0 in both 32-bit and 64-bit which brings additional auditing and integration benefits for apps like Smart Service.

Audit Logging for Smart Routes

Want to know who rescheduled a job? The audit log shows changes to records in Smart Service. By double-clicking in any field, you can summon the audit log and see who made changes. Now in version 117, the audit log will record who rescheduled a job if the user ran the job through Smart Routes.

Don’t have Smart Routes yet? Smart Routes is an advanced routing and optimization tool built directly into Smart Service. You can click here to learn more!

Increased Width for UDF’s

We’ve increased the width of the user-defined fields in Smart Service to allow more visibility of your responses. The character limit is still 255 characters, but you can see more of the fields without having to click the magnifying glass.

The above are just examples of user-defined fields from our sample database. If you would like to add your own customized user-defined fields to Smart Service, click this link!

Additional Safety Checks for Service Agreements

We’ve added an additional safety check which will ensure that your service agreements contain a line item upon saving the agreement. This small but powerful feature will make sure that you have set up your contract properly and are ready to bill the customer for their agreement when the time comes.

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