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Introducing the 2020 Smart Service Scholarship Winner

Smart Service is proud to announce Talha Jahangir of North Carolina A&T State University as our 2020 Smart Service Scholarship winner!

Here at Smart Service, we love serving professionals in field service occupations and skilled trades. The work of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and construction pros keeps the world spinning. We strive to show our appreciation for the workers in these professions by giving back when we can, primarily in the form of the annual Smart Service Scholarship.

Every year, the Smart Service Scholarship gives a boost to a student pursuing an education (and eventual career) in a skilled trade or field service occupation. After reviewing countless applications for the 2020 prize, we decided to recognize Talha Jahangir of North Carolina A&T State University.

“Coming from a country where more than 27% of the population—more than 51 million people—live without access to electricity, I understand the dire need to come up with cheap and viable energy alternatives for the future,” Talha says, referencing his upbringing in Pakistan.

“It is heart breaking to live with the knowledge that fellow citizens live in poverty,” Talha continues. “A lack of water (apart from the obvious drinking purpose) has also resulted in cyclical poverty because it makes agriculture practically impossible in a country where the mostly rural population depends on it for sustenance.”

“This very knowledge has pushed me and motivated me to pursue a degree in electrical and computer engineering. Just the idea of being able to one day produce technology that could provide millions with cheap electricity is what has turned a childish dream into a career ambition.”

“This interest is one also pushed by the urgency of the planet’s need. Mass energy production through solar energy is the first step I hope to help take in the cause of protecting this planet. I see myself going on to not only serve my country, but the world in general, which at this stage cannot have too many people working on sustainable means of energy.”

“To achieve my goals, however, I need quality education which focuses on modern problems. To be able to pursue a meaningful career in relevant fields, I need a quality of education which allows me to break into technological firms whose goals are in line with mine. This scholarship is the key I need to unlock gateways for a better future not just for myself, not just for Pakistanis, but for an entire planet.”

Smart Service proudly serves professionals in the electrician field, and have answered the emerging call of solar panel installation/maintenance businesses. Thus, we are delighted to announce Talha as the winner of our 2020 scholarship, and know that he will go on to make us proud.

Talha joins a great group of Smart Service Scholarship recipients, including Jody-Ann Young in 2019 and Dominic Velasquez in 2018. If you or someone you know is interested in seeking the Smart Service Scholarship in the future, you can learn more at our Smart Service Scholarship page.