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Automated Billing – Coming Winter 2023!

This game changing feature will revolutionize your quoting process, automatically process payment, and get your team visibility on expired contracts for renewal.

Our developers are working around the clock to deliver automated contract and billing features for CardPointe users with access to our Service Agreement module.

With these new features, your business will have the tools needed to generate customizable quotes for your maintenance agreements through Smart Service. From there, you’ll be able to email and collect signups electronically via our Hosted Payment Page where your customers can agree to your agreement terms and place a card or bank account on file for automated billing.

Your office will be notified of the newly-approved agreement so you can verify everything is in order and then give the final approval to start the automated billing process!

When you want to bill your automated contracts, a single click of one button will tell Smart Service to bill all unbilled agreements up to the current date. Not only will we secure funding, but we’ll also automatically email the customer a receipt while we push the invoice and payment to QuickBooks!

What Happens if Their Card Fails?

When Smart Service attempts to process a payment and fails to do so, that failure will be reported to you and an email can automatically be sent to the customer to have them verify their account information. This will be essential for customers who may have an expired card on file, insufficient funds, or other payment issues.

Can I Suspend Customers for Non-payment?

You can! There will be an optional feature that, once enabled, will suspend a service agreement and the attached work orders when a payment failure is detected. This will prevent your technicians from visiting customers with suspended contracts. 

Once the payment issue is cleared up, one click with reactivate the agreement and the attached services so you can get your technicians out to the customer. This should keep you from servicing customers without current accounts.

What About Auto-Renewals?

We’ve got you covered here, too! You’ll be able to filter contracts expiring soon and send out renewal notices or a new quote for the upcoming agreement renewal. Of course, you don’t have to set an expiration date for your contracts either, we’ll keep billing and help you service your customers until you or they decide to close the contract!

Where Can I Get More Information?

We’re still working on making these features available to you this winter. Keep an eye out for updates at where we plan to host a free demonstration of these new features in January. Remember, you’ll need access to our Service Agreement Module and CardPointe Integration features so you can get started by picking up those add-ons now!