Start Collecting Payments
in Smart Service and iFleet!

Start collecting payments in the field!

Smart Service has teamed up with CardConnect to bring our customers simple, secure, and affordable payment processing. You can now collect payments in the field with our software to save time and increase revenue!

Simple Transaction Management


Managing payments directly within Smart Service and iFleet will save you time, allowing you to monitor and track each transaction while consolidating your payment vendors.

Extra Features Without Extra Costs


Great tools shouldn’t come at a greater cost. At a flat rate price of 2.99%/3.15% (AMEX) + $.25 per transaction, CardConnect guarantees to beat your existing credit card processing costs, with most customers saving between 15-40%.

Security You Can Count On


Point-to-point encryption and tokenization technology provide you the highest level security when running card transactions, helping you qualify for the lowest rates!

If you’d like to start accepting payments with CardConnect and Smart Service, simply fill out the application form at the bottom of this page. Once you’ve finished, a representative will reach out to you to guide you through the rest of the implementation process. Want to speak to someone directly? Just call 1-888-518-0818.

Smart Service + CardConnect FAQ

CardConnect is a leading provider of payment processing and technology solutions, helping more than 195,000 organizations—from independent coffee shops to iconic global brands—accept billions of dollars in card transactions each year. Since its inception in 2006, CardConnect has developed an advanced payments platform backed by patented, PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization. The company’s platform includes CardPointe.

CardPointe serves as your merchant online portal for reporting, batching transactions, and account management. There, you can manage multiple merchant accounts and/or locations, as well as view full reports on processed transactions and view your merchant statements.

You will receive an email from CardConnect congratulating you on your approval. This email will include your merchant ID or MID along with your business name and some links to basic videos on CardConnect products. A representative from My Service Depot will then reach out to you to enter your Merchant ID and account credentials into Smart Service.

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) sets forth security standards to be met by all card-accepting merchants. PCI Compliance is a set of rules and guidelines designed to protect cardholders that businesses need to follow in order to support credit card transactions. CardConnect has partnered with Trustwave to assist merchants with these compliance requirements.


CardConnect encrypts sensitive data at the point of interaction. Encrypted data is escorted to CardConnect’s PCI-compliant CardSecure vault, where it is tokenized. This irreversible tokenization solution replaces sensitive information with valueless tokens, which are useless to a criminal hacker should a business’ system or network be breached.


Merchants can become PCI Compliant by visiting

Smart Service will still serve as the software you will create, schedule, and dispatch from, but we will now integrate with CardConnect to process credit card transactions. CardPointe will serve as your merchant online portal for reporting, batching transactions, and account management.


You can reach their team at [email protected] or by phone at 877-828-0720 (option 1 > option 5 > option 1). You also can submit and update support tickets within the application, by navigating to the ‘Support’ tab of CardConnect. Find out more here.

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