Schedule Plumbing Jobs Using Your Existing Data in QuickBooks

Choose Smart Service, and the days of paper and pencil scheduling go bye-bye. When a customer calls with a plumbing emergency, simply pull up your calendar in Smart Service, find a plumber with availability, begin typing the customer’s name, and watch as Smart Service takes care of the rest! All new jobs instantly populate with customer name, address, contact info, past work history, installed equipment, and any additional account notes. No more asking redundant questions, cross referencing files, or risking double booking. Our plumbing software for QuickBooks empowers your office staff to efficiently schedule new plumbing jobs and get your plumbers the information they need to provide excellent service.

Quickly Dispatch Plumbers with Plumbing Software for QuickBooks

In the world of plumbing, emergencies never sit more than a phone call away. When they arise, you can schedule and dispatch your plumbers like a pro with Smart Service. Not only does Smart Service allow you to quickly schedule new jobs, it also allows you to send that new job and all pertinent customer information to your plumbers with the click of a button. If they are out in the field for the day, Smart Service will send updates to their mobile device. No more wasting time making multiple phone calls to relay new job information. No more relying on your plumbers to call in or return to the office to find out where to go next. Smart Service allows your entire team to get up-to-date job information and discover for themselves exactly where they need to go.

Send and Receive Updated Work Order Information From The Field

Our plumbing software for QuickBooks helps you streamline your scheduling and dispatching processes to save time, headaches, and money. In fact, we developed iFleet, the mobile field service app and companion piece to Smart Service, for those very reasons. When your plumbers install the iFleet app onto their mobile devices, they will receive your newly scheduled jobs, work orders with customer information, and GPS information on their mobile device. iFleet also allows your plumbers to input updated information on work orders while out on a job. The app gives your team the power to collect a customer’s signature as soon as a job gets finished. Since all of this “paperwork” gets filed in the field, office staff no longer have to wait for plumbers to come back to headquarters at the end of the day to update information for invoicing. Smart Service uses the information on the work order to generate a ready-to-bill invoice right in QuickBooks, allowing you to collect payment quicker and with more accuracy.

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