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Get Help in Smart Service and iFleet

Start submitting support requests in Smart Service and iFleet. Get help faster!

The Smart Service team prides itself on great customer support. As our products grow and expand, we want to make it easier than ever to contact our Help Desk when the odd troubleshooting issue arises. Accordingly, we’ve added a new Support Request button in Smart Service and iFleet.

To use this button in Smart Service, click the Help tab, then select this new Support Request button:

Submit a support request in Smart Service.

In iFleet, you can simply tap the three line “hamburger” menu button, then tap the Support Request button:

Submit a support request in iFleet.

In either case, you’ll be taken to a secure online portal where you can report your issue:

Smart Service support request portal

After submitting your request, your issue will get the next available slot in our support queue. This quick, painless method of requesting support will get you results faster than sending an email or making a phone call, and allow you to resume your work while you wait for a response.

To start using this feature, you’ll need to update to the latest version of Smart Service.