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January 24, 2021


The Importance of Sharing Your Business Story With Your Kids!

Sharing your successes and failures with your kids can help them prepare for their own careers.

Many kids—including me, a fourteen-year-old girl—idolize their parents in the best ways. We look up to them in times of need, we ask them questions when we get confused, and we depend on them throughout life. Even in adulthood, many look to their parents in troubling times. Sharing your business story with the growing minds of the future can affect them in great ways: from your work ethic rubbing off on them to understanding how you got where you are, you can alter the way they think about the world. 

Work Ethic

Unsure where to begin? Sharing how you got to where you are is an excellent first step. Understanding the work, time, and effort you put in to achieve the level of success you have can be very motivating. As your child’s #1 real-world role model, seeing you give effort and time to pursue your passion persuades them to always work at their best. They can see, firsthand, that they need to put in the maximum amount of effort and work towards their personal goals to reach their dreams. Sharing your story will not only motivate them, it will push them farther than they ever thought imaginable. 

A New Perspective on Your Daily Pursuits

Alongside your work ethic, young adults need to be fully aware of their parents’ daily pursuits. A youngster needs to understand that there is more to worry about in the world than themselves. Something as simple as a comment about a rough day or something you’ve stressed about will help them to consider others’ needs alongside their own.

Understanding What It Takes to Achieve Success

Alternatively, you could go into depth about the practical tools, resources, and plans of action needed to obtain career success. If someone else helped motivate you to be your best, consider sharing that story. Talk about the tools, training, mentorship, and resources you utilized to help you get to your current level. Telling them your path to success (ups and downs included) can help them discover and plan for their own career. 

Sharing Your Struggles

Children should be conscious of both the fun and the struggles in reaching your goals. Although it may be difficult for them to grasp the reality of success and that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, they have to understand both the good and the bad to get the full picture. Conveying your biggest struggles and accomplishments will illustrate how everyone has ridden their own private career rollercoaster. By sharing your unique story, your kids can visualize how they might choose their own path, and remain resilient when obstacles arise. 

Hard work pays off.

Thoughts of failure can be very daunting to young adults trying something new. Sharing your story can show them how hard work and relentlessness pays off. Children coast off of their parents’ success for the essentials: food, water, and shelter. From their perspective it should be obvious that the work you have put in has paid off. It is unambiguous to them that you never quit or simply gave up on your path, but rather pushed through the hardships to get to the light at the end of the tunnel. This persistence of yours teaches them that they will be rewarded for their work. 


Understanding your struggles can teach children virtues such as respect, mindfulness, generosity, and patience, all of which can considerably assist a budding entrepreneur. Respect and mindfulness will aid them greatly as they take stock of themselves and the people around them (a necessary skill to possess in order to build a business). In addition, knowing someone who has braved adversity could translate to them being more giving and compassionate towards others in times of need. 

If you do not tell your story, your children can get lost with no plan, no idea of what to do, and no sense that it’s okay to have struggles. It is of the utmost importance you find a way to share your daily struggles, the fun parts of the business, and your path to success!