Management Made Easy with Window Cleaning Scheduling Software

Our window cleaner scheduling software easily integrates with your existing customer data in QuickBooks. No need for double data-entry or cross-referencing programs! Your entire team will digitally access customer information including contact data, service history, necessary equipment, and job notes. This easy access to client information will help ensure your entire team stays on the same page while servicing your customers. Using Smart Service allows you to streamline the scheduling process for both your window cleaners and your valuable customers. With the software, your in-house team can quickly view your window cleaners’ availability, allowing cleanings to get scheduled quickly and accurately. Your customers will love how easy it becomes to schedule and get answers about their billing thanks to the power of your window cleaning scheduling software. When your customers are happy with your services, they are more likely to return to your business.

Improve Dispatching with Window Cleaning Scheduling Software

Aside from alleviating the stresses of scheduling, Smart Service also allows you to iron out the kinks in your dispatching process. If you have to call your field workers every time a change occurs regarding their schedule or route, you will waste a lot of valuable time. Empower your cleaners to see their schedules remotely and know where to go with window cleaning scheduling software. Better still? The billing process also gets a boost. While your window cleaners work on site, they can access customer information and reference the information needed to generate accurate invoices. Plus, your field workers can send any necessary documents to your office team quickly. Avoid lost or dirty paperwork and bill customers faster with Smart Service!

Pair Window Cleaning Scheduling Software with iFleet

Looking to take your operations and management to even greater heights? Go completely digital with Smart Service and iFleet. Your window cleaners will view their cleaning schedule in real-time, receive directions to other jobs, and complete paperwork on their mobile devices with help from iFleet, the field service mobile app and companion to Smart Service. When your team of window cleaners uses iFleet on their routes, the office team can also monitor your cleaners’ locations throughout the day. Make communication between your field workers and in-house team easier.

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