Integrate Window Cleaning Dispatch Software with QuickBooks

Smart Service is a software add-on compatible with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Online. This means your window cleaning company can integrate Smart Service with your current customer information, schedule jobs without playing phone tag, add valuable details to work orders, streamline invoice generation, and eliminate wasted time from double data entry. Our window cleaning dispatch software maximizes your QuickBooks data to save you time and unnecessary effort.

Pair Your Window Cleaning Dispatch Software with iFleet

When it comes to organization with your window cleaning company, you must keep track of your team. With iFleet, our field service mobile app, you can run and monitor your window cleaning operations even while your crew works out in the field. iFleet allows your cleaners to see their schedules without having to stop in the office to pick up paperwork. Cleaners gain the ability to update work orders from the field. With iFleet and Smart Service, your team becomes empowered to better manage their time, keep everyone up to date on jobs, track their time, and know exactly where they need to go next. With iFleet, the relationship between QuickBooks and Smart Service comes full circle. Once a window cleaning job is completed, cleaners can have customers sign off on the work using their mobile device to close out the job. iFleet sends the completed work order back to Smart Service, which then generates a ready-to-bill invoice in QuickBooks. No more decoding handwritten paperwork. No more unnecessary gaps in payment collection.

Increase Profitability with Window Cleaning Dispatch Software

With Smart Service software, not only will you schedule jobs and dispatch your crews more efficiently, you will send out job info with special notes for specific customers as well as customer history. You will send GPS directions for the specific job directly to your team, saving multiple trips back and forth from the office. The Smart Service window cleaning software solution saves time across your entire team and allows you to make the most of every day. Maximize profitability with Smart Service.

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