Window Cleaning Software That Integrates With QuickBooks

How exactly does Smart Service integrate with QuickBooks? Glad you asked! Smart Service is actually a full-fledged QuickBooks expansion, adding service scheduling, job dispatching, workforce tracking, and much more to the accounting application. To put things simply, the Smart Service software does everything today’s window cleaning companies need and more! Learn more.

Window Cleaning Business Software to Wipe Away Waste

By combining with QuickBooks, Smart Service eliminates waste at every point of the job process. As soon as you set a job, that job is registered in both programs. Once completed, Smart Service automatically generates an invoice (or batch invoice) in QuickBooks. Stop entering the same information across multiple forms and systems. Simplify and streamline your business today with Smart Service! Learn more.

Track Your Window Cleaning Workforce Progress

Don’t let your workers get away with slacking off and monkeying around on the job. With Smart Service’s mobile app iFleet, you’ll be able to keep precise tabs on their progress, and even check in on their physical location. As a Window Cleaning business owner, you need to know that your crews are getting their work done effectively and efficiently. iFleet gives you that much-needed peace of mind. Learn more.

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