The Problem

With over twenty years of experience in all things HVAC, Kari Wakefield knows firsthand the monotony and waste of scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing in a pre-software era. “Everything was ‘on paper,’” Wakefield recalls. “Work orders were handwritten and jobs—oftentimes a hundred a day—were scheduled on a paper calendar!”

Kari’s company, Capitol Heating & Air Conditioning, provides award-winning HVAC services to Lincoln, Nebraska, and the surrounding region. Kari herself is a partner and the office manager, having been associated with the business since the age of six. As the company expanded and the roster ballooned, Kari’s company went through some growing pains.

“After completing each job, our technicians had to write everything on the work order. If work was finished, it was billed to the customer.” In many cases, however, the work was not finished. Often, parts needed to be ordered or equipment replaced. “Work orders passed from department to department.” Someone had to order the proper parts, then someone else had to schedule a return visit when those parts arrived. “As a company, it became difficult to stay on top of things when each individual work order passed through so many hands.” Kari needed a way to keep everyone on the same page. Thus, the search for a software solution began.

The Solution

In 2011, Kari’s company tried Smart Service, and they haven’t looked back since. According to Keri, “Smart Service has been a true time saver—and life saver! The best part of the program is that all jobs are immediately updated so we know the status of each job at all times. New jobs can be easily created and delegated to technicians based on their schedule and location. There is no more searching for job information because it can be located immediately in Smart Service.”

Smart Service has been tremendous for Kari’s company, but the connected mobile app iFleet has been even better. “Our technicians have access to the customer histories that are attached to each job through the iFleet app. Our techs are aware of any problems or repairs that have been handled in the past, and are well-prepared before they arrive at the job site.”

Of course, HVAC software only works when you know how to use it. When asked about dealing with the Smart Service team, Kari’s enthusiasm is clear. “My Service Depot has outstanding customer service. Their technicians are very knowledgeable and passionate about their product.  We have never had any issues that have caused us any real inconvenience. The Smart Service product just keeps getting better because their team asks for customer opinions and adds new features on a regular basis. We feel there is no better product on the market!”

The Smart Service product just keeps getting better!

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Kari Wakefield


Capitol Heating & Air Conditioning
Lincoln, NE

Smart Service worked wonders for Kari.
Now find out what it can do for you!

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