If at first you don’t succeed…

The Electric Connection has been a Los Angeles fixture for over 35 years. With 30 employees on staff, you’d be hard pressed to call the electrician company anything but a runaway success. However, even the best sluggers can’t hit a home run every time they step to the plate. Case in point; when it came to selecting the right service software, it took The Electric Connection two tries to get it right.

“Before Smart Service, we used a competing dispatch program,” remembers Danielle Soule, Operations Manager at The Electric Connection. “The new software was a step up from the old way of doing things, but it could not deliver on some important features that are available to us with Smart Service. We had huge problems syncing customers and jobs from the software to Quickbooks on a daily basis.”

On customer support, Danielle was similarly underwhelmed. “We never really got the kind of customer support one would hope for when paying a lot of money for service. It always seemed like their help desk was severely understaffed.”

Eventually, Danielle looked elsewhere. “Transitioning from an old dispatch program can be a terrifying and nerve wracking experience.” Fortunately, dealing with the Smart Service team was anything but stressful. “Our sales consultant was totally supportive and accessible in answering all of our questions before we purchased the software. He even responded to my emails after work hours!”

The decision was made. The Electric Connection would abandon their old program and move forward with Smart Service. “The installation only took 45 minutes and implementing the new system was really smooth. We have been absolutely thrilled about the service and product we have received from My Service Depot.”

…try Smart Service!

With Smart Service, Danielle’s software woes vanished. “The time in which bids and estimates have turned into sold jobs since purchasing Smart Service has noticeably improved! There is no syncing process from Smart Service to Quickbooks. All information is integrated in real-time, which has saved us a ton of time in the accounting department! The integration has been such a great change and has been worth the investment in itself.”

“We also LOVE iFleet! It simplifies the work for our technicians and has allowed our team to go paperless. Our technicians are able to access job and customer info with ease, and are able to access driving directions without having to open any other apps or enter address information manually.”

But improved functionality hasn’t been the only boon with the switch. The training and support offered by My Service Depot has been just as impressive. “The Help Desk has been incredible! We get instantaneous responses to our inquiries, and they resolve any issues and come up with solutions to our needs in a timely and efficient manner. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and readily available.”

For The Electric Connection, the future looks bright. “By implementing the automated follow-up email system, we’ve increased our customer reviews on Angie’s List and Yelp at a much faster rate. We feel that Smart Service has been a great investment and foresee a huge return on our investment in the coming year.”

I really could not be happier with Smart Service, iFleet, and the people at My Service Depot!

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Danielle Soule

Operations Manager

The Electric Connection
Los Angeles, CA

Smart Service worked wonders for Danielle.
Now find out what it can do for you!

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