A Mess of Programs

Scheduling and dispatching in a world before the dawn of software was a painful, arduous process. Just ask Absolute Shreds President Kathy Cornell. Before making the move to document destruction software, Kathy remembers that her company “used a cobbled together combination of QuickBooks, MS Access, MS Word, calendar software, and MS Publisher.” Likewise, Kathy remembers how she had to “handwrite manifests for our drivers and print out separate maps.”

Needless to say, this system led to its share of frustration. Fed up, Kathy began to seek a software solution. “I spent a year researching software before deciding upon Smart Service,” Kathy says. Her hope was that Smart Service could consolidate the functionality of the half dozen programs Kathy currently used to run things.

Software Salvation

Kathy’s hopes were not in vain. As soon as they moved to Smart Service, Absolute Shreds started to enjoy some major benefits. “Smart Service immediately changed our business operations by working with QuickBooks to simplify invoicing.”

More importantly, Smart Service eradicated the need for so many disparate pieces of software. “Using just one program to maintain customer/prospect databases, handle scheduling, print work orders, and maintain equipment inventory makes daily jobs so easy.”

But the boons don’t stop there. One of the perks of growing is taking on additional staff. “When we need to hire new employees, Smart Service is easy to teach. The best feature is calling in for support and having a real person help you through any questions or problems you might be having.”

Smart Service immediately changed our business!

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Jim & Kathy Cornell


Absolute Shreds
Auburn Hills, MI

Smart Service worked wonders for Jim.
Now find out what it can do for you!

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