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February 24, 2021


Security Equipment Tracking with Modern Security Service Software

Modern security service businesses have several options for tracking customer equipment information.

Businesses that manage security equipment know the importance of keeping up with advancements in technology. Modern security service businesses have a lot of great tools at their disposal, including robust systems to keep track of the equipment they install. Ideally, you should establish a system that tracks equipment information, location, and maintenance data consistently and efficiently, while managing your paperwork and making all your information available whenever you need it.

Tracking Equipment Information

New security products become available every day. This makes it even more important to know exactly what equipment your customers have. That means keeping track of model numbers, serial numbers, and any other identifying information for your security products. You may also want to record other information, such as installation or maintenance dates. You can capture this information when you first install or service the equipment in question. 

When your technicians reach a job site, they need to know where they’re going and what they’re doing. Knowing the location of a piece of equipment is key. By logging equipment location information, you can tell your techs exactly which product they need to service, and where they’ll find it. This saves your techs the hassle of sorting out which camera needs replaced, or which alarm needs repaired.

Capturing all of this important data up front will make your life easier later on. The more information you have on hand, the easier a time your technicians will have when returning to a given location. It’s always better to record more information initially than to find out, after the fact, that you didn’t record something important. Ideally, you should keep all this information in one place so that you know how to reference it whenever you need to.

Storing Your Data Electronically

This all begs the obvious question; how should you track equipment data? Well, you can go old school and use pen and paper. Of course, the effectiveness of hard copy systems depends on the quality of your filing system, which varies by business. However, security system management software offers an alternative route worth considering. A scheduling and equipment tracking program like Smart Service can save your company a great deal of time and open up a number of new tools for tracking and using your information.

Digitally storing your equipment data makes it much easier to organize and reference all of the information you track. This will enable you to pull up any data you need, on-demand. If your customer wants to know what equipment you’ve serviced for them, you can quickly pull it up from your computer or mobile device. You can apply your company’s own policies for managing equipment to make sure that every item you service or install gets tracked and documented consistently.

Another advantage of using security system management software like Smart Service? The ability to report on your customer’s equipment. You can pull up past maintenance logs or future service dates, compare numbers for different types of products, or get an overall view of a customer’s equipment. You can also quickly audit your records to find any errors and make sure they get corrected before your next service date. Reporting tools maximize the value of keeping all of your equipment data in one place, and ensure you never become overwhelmed by the amount of information you keep.

Mobile Record Keeping

With the modern security system management software Smart Service, your records are always available—not only to your office staff, but to your technicians in the field. They can use their mobile devices to pull up equipment information on the fly, so that they never get caught off guard when working at a job site. Equipment service records can be updated in real time by the techs who perform the service. Rather than worry about keeping track of paperwork or trying to organize their notes while working on a job, your field techs can take care of everything they need using one device.

You can also incorporate any forms your technicians use to capture more detailed information from the field. You can digitize your inspection reports, service reports, or any other paperwork your techs fill out when doing a job. Besides cutting down on paper, this ensures your documents remain available to everyone, whether in the office or at a job site. You can even automate the process of filling equipment information into your forms, saving time for your technicians.

Planning for the Future

As your security system management company grows, keeping track of your data will only become more important. Good record keeping that captures equipment information, location, and service data—and keeps it all in one place—is essential. Tools for consolidating and reporting on that data can have a massive impact on your business. 

With security system management software like Smart Service, you can do all this and much more, all in one place. To see for yourself how Smart Service can make a difference for your company, request a free demonstration today.