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December 15, 2019


6 HVAC Interview Questions You Should Know How to Answer

Whether you're the interviewer or the interviewee, you need to come prepared to your next HVAC job interview.

No matter which side of the desk you sit on, the HVAC interview process requires some advance preparation. As the interviewer, do you know which questions to ask a potential HVAC technician and how to interpret their answers? An interview is worthless without a plan.

As the candidate, do you know how to make the best possible impression to land your dream HVAC job? You can never prepare for every single question, but practicing ahead of time can ease your nerves and help you speak more eloquently. 

Check out these sample questions to make the most of your next HVAC interview.

What types of questions get asked in an HVAC interview?

An HVAC interview typically consists of two parts. First, the interviewer asks questions to determine whether the candidate would fit the company’s culture. Second, the interviewer delves into the candidate’s experience, training and knowledge in order to determine whether their skills match the requirements of the open position. 

Both types of questions carry equal importance. After all, even the most technically skilled workers make poor employees if they lack good communication and interpersonal skills. On the other hand, employees lacking in certain technical skills can receive additional training as long as they have the right attitude. 

Sample interpersonal questions

1. Tell me about yourself and your career so far.

Most candidates dread open-ended questions like this one. Interviewers use these questions to see how you react and communicate on the spot. But the meat of the question remains important; what kind of education, training, experience, and qualities do you have? 

The interviewer knows the basic facts from your resume, but he or she also wants to know if you have a positive outlook. Talk about your strengths and highlight past triumphs. Do not bad mouth former employers or complain about how you once got fired.  

2. Tell me about a time you turned an unhappy client into a satisfied client.

Interviewers ask this question to get a feel for your customer service skills. Satisfied HVAC clients equal repeat clients, and technicians have the power to earn their trust. Anyone with the right skills can fix an HVAC system, but it takes a special kind of person to make a client feel heard and at ease. 

Don’t have customer experience yet? Don’t worry; in this case, your interviewer should not (and likely will not) ask this particular question. However, prepare to answer a similar question, such as “tell me about a time you solved a conflict.” 

Sample Technical Questions

3. Tell me about the tools of the trade.

How you answer this question will immediately tell the interviewer whether or not you’ve fudged your credentials. You should have the ability to easily rattle off the tools found in an HVAC truck if you have any kind of HVAC background. 

The interviewer may also hand you a tool, such as a multi-meter, and ask you to explain how it might be used during an HVAC job. You can clarify with the interviewer about whether he or she would like a layman’s explanation or a technical explanation. The ability to speak in layman’s terms comes in handy when talking to clients, but giving a technical explanation can show the depth of your knowledge. When in doubt, give both!

4. How would you advise a client with environmental or energy concerns?

This question gives you an opportunity to demonstrate the extent of your industry knowledge, as well as reiterate your customer service skills. Clients may want to know how to reduce energy costs with various HVAC models. They could also have concerns about the environmental impact of refrigerants. What do you know about these hot topics, and can you address them with tact? This issue sits dangerously adjacent to politics, so you’ll need to find a way to talk eloquently about it without offending potential customers.

5. What does BTU/CAV/AHU mean? 

The HVAC industry uses many different acronyms. Do you know what common ones stand for and the concepts they represent? Your interviewer wants you to, and so do clients. Use this question as an opportunity to highlight your technical knowledge and to confirm your experience level. 

6. Here’s a scenario. How do you approach it?

The interviewer might give you a job scenario and ask you to walk him or her through the steps you take from start to finish. How do you evaluate the problem? What questions do you ask the homeowner? What tools do you use? What safety precautions do you take? How do you clean up before you leave? How do you ensure the client feels satisfied? Do you need to follow up at a later date?

Take the time to demonstrate you know how to do a thorough and mindful job while proudly representing the company.

Of course, an infinite number of questions could be asked during the HVAC interview process. As the interviewer, be sure to choose questions that pertain to the role and your client base. As the candidate, reduce your anxiety by practicing how you’ll answer these questions in advance. Don’t just think about the answers in your mind; practice out loud for a true confidence boost. Good luck!

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