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Swimming Pool Service App List

Supercharge your swimming pool business with these top-of-the-line swimming pool service apps.

As a pool service professional, you know what hard work looks like. Not only do you work in the field all day, but you track and manage countless external elements (schedules, clients, employees, inventory, etc.) to keep your business running. With all this pressure, you can easily get overwhelmed. If you feel like you’re drowning in product orders, timesheets, and other administrative tasks, it’s time to go digital. The right technology stack can help you automate the tedious, time-intensive areas of your pool service business. This will save you time and allow you to earn more revenue by fitting more billable work into every work day.

Not sure which technology will work for you? Start with these five great pool service apps.

1. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a digitized accounting software that’s often recognized as the number-one accounting software for small businesses. Financial health directly affects your business, so if you still track bills and invoices on paper, the time has come to make an upgrade.

Think of it this way; how much money will you make this year? Are this year’s expenses typical? Do you have enough cash to pay your employees?

You can’t quickly answer these questions unless you track everything digitally.

QuickBooks comes in many forms and flavors, including some online versions with a free app that works on any mobile device. Easily pull up invoices, track expenses, and approve employee timesheets from anywhere. If you buy supplies for a job, you can quickly capture that receipt from your QuickBooks app, reducing expense-tracking headaches.

Business owners with bigger companies may find it difficult to operate QuickBooks solo, so you may need an office bookkeeper to run reports and payroll. Even then, this software makes a perfect addition to any pool service business. Sync bank transactions and even maximize your tax deductions with the QuickBooks app.

2. PoolBrain

pH strips are all right, but they won’t always accurately diagnose what’s wrong with your customers’ pools. Instead of scratching your head as you struggle to find the problem, try a pool cleaning technology solution like PoolBrain.

PoolBrain helps pool service pros analyze data and diagnose pool problems more quickly. The app identifies specific problems with a pool, like chemical imbalances, clogs, and leaks. It calculates pH, alkalinity, CTA, chlorine shock, and even pool volume.

But PoolBrain isn’t just a diagnosis software. In addition to pinpointing the problem, its guided workflows will show you the exact materials and methods required for quickly fixing the pool.

PoolBrain helps you monitor technician performance, too. The app allows for one-click customer feedback so you can manage customer needs more efficiently. It also ensures new techs follow proper procedures.

PoolBrain integrates with QuickBooks so you can track payments and expenses automatically, removing another layer of complexity from your business.

3. G-Suite

Google’s G-Suite tool helps you organize files and collaborate with others. This simple cloud storage system works perfectly for beginners.

Any small business can benefit from G-Suite because it digitizes your information in a convenient, sharable way. G-Suite includes useful features like:

  • Documents: Share pool service procedures, employee documents, or client estimates in G-Suite.
  • Forms: Quickly collect customer feedback with Google Forms.
  • Communication: Give each employee a company email that includes video calls, shared calendars, and chat.

The nice thing about G-Suite is that you get total administrative control. You can limit what your employees or clients can see with just a click. G-Suite also integrates with so many outside software tools that it can really speed up your daily operations.

4. Pool4Tool

Pool service relies on equipment and products, and that means managing inventory and supply chains to stay in business. Logistics can quickly become a nightmare if you let them get out of hand.

Track everything in your supply chain from the moment an order’s processed. Pool4Tool is a supply chain management software designed just for pool service companies. It helps you plan the logistics and handle billing, all while optimizing the supply chain and minimizing hidden costs.

5. Smart Service

We saved the best for last. Smart Service pool and spa service software helps pool service companies handle scheduling, dispatching, and every other aspect of their business (making some of the above apps redundant).

With the Smart Service app, techs receive work orders on their mobile phones every morning. That means zero confusion about who’s supposed to be where at the beginning of the day.

Once employees complete a job, the Smart Service app sends the finalized paperwork and payment info back to the office, generating an invoice automatically. Digitize your current forms, save everything electronically, and you’ll never have to worry about illegible handwriting again.

The best thing about Smart Service? It’s a QuickBooks add-on! That means all the work done in the system gets duplicated in QuickBooks in real time. Forget about double data entry, forever. For a free demo of Smart Service, click here.

Pool service work is complex. Remove the question marks and headaches from your business by using the right pool service software. You’ll become a more organized, modern business, saving tons of time and earning more money.