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February 24, 2021


Keeping and Referencing Pest Control Service Records and Customer Information

In the pest control business, there's a lot to keep track of. Here's the best way to do it.

Customer service and satisfaction can make or break your business. Without your customer base, your business would not succeed. Thus, your company needs well-kept records to monitor the progress and growth of your business. Records that show whether your customers had ants or termites before could affect their current service and what might need done in the future.

Good records increase the likelihood of your business’ success. Once told, you should always know vital information (such as gate codes or specific areas of a property that should not get treated for pests). Pay attention to the details, and you’ll retain more customers and start earning coveted word-of-mouth referrals.

Customer Information

Without a good customer management system, you can sometimes lose track of customer or contact information. Keeping all your customer contact information in one organized place will save your business time and headaches in the long run. This allows you to easily schedule and reschedule current customers. Keeping these records organized and up to date will also ensure that all dispatchers and technicians remain aware of a customer’s needs and wants. After a service, techs can update customer information with new info for the next worker who performs service or makes contact. Organizing customer information helps build historical records.

Referencing Past Pest Control Service Records

Each and every pest control service should be unique to the customer and treated with great care. Technicians should document their work with photos for the next technician to see. Customer notes should also go in the same spot. (No more calling the office asking for a gate code.) Not every customer will have spiders or pests you can treat with knockdown agents. You have to know what pests have gotten treated in the past because that could determine the treatment needed next for a customer. If a customer has ants and you treat them with a knockdown agent, the problem will just get worse. Referencing past service records will prevent this from occurring. 

Using the Pest Control Software Smart Service

Everyone has some sort of pest in their home. This means companies in this industry deal with thousands and thousands of services each year. That amounts to a lot of customer and service information to keep in a filing cabinet or other paper system. The pest control software Smart Service can lighten the load.

Smart Service keeps your office and technicians connected and on the same page. With Smart Service, office dispatchers can schedule services and send the customer and service information to technicians’ mobile devices in the field. The technician then has access to the customer’s information and any past service information. The technician will always know what pests need treated, as well as what treatments got used in the past.

The technician can log and send back any information that might help in the next service, such as a gate code or an area that should not get treated. The Smart Service mobile app also allows technicians to flag a service to get rescheduled for additional treatment. The app also allows photos to go back to the office as part of the work order. These pictures can show the office possible entry points for pests/rodents, or show the customer the great work your team did.

Keeping Customers Involved with the Service

With your customer service records in Smart Service, all of your information will be digital. This makes it easy to keep customers in the loop. Service orders contain photos and all of the things done during the service. After the customer has signed the service order, you can instantly email the service order showing the customer what got done. These service orders also go back to the office side of Smart Service. If a customer ever loses their service order, your staff can easily provide another copy. Remain transparent with customers to build trust with your company. Keeping customers in the loop will lead to great reviews and countless referrals. So, what’s stopping you? Schedule a free Smart Service demo today!