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The Best HVAC Systems in 2019

To provide the best HVAC service, you need to stay on top of the latest and greatest HVAC systems.

In the middle of a blazing hot summer or oppressively cold winter, a great HVAC system helps people comfortably survive otherwise be unbearable conditions. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, around 90% of Americans rely on home air conditioners to stay cool. Likewise, a similar proportion of Americans have a central furnace or heat pump. Clearly, most of us wouldn’t consider a house a home without some type of HVAC system. 

Finding the right HVAC system to install for your customers typically depends on what buyers want for their home’s climate controls. This year, a number of exciting and very capable units have hit the market. If you want to learn more about everything available, start with this list of the best HVAC systems in 2019. 

Central Air and Furnace Systems 

Central heating and cooling is the standard system for most American homes. Its popularity rests in the ability to efficiently manage the climate of an entire home all at once. Most of these systems consist of one unit, so you know where to look for troubleshooting if anything goes wrong. For larger homes in particular, it’s hard to beat a central system. These are a few of the best brands and models available this year. 

  1. Goodman heat pumps and furnaces: Some Goodman products have lifetime warranties, making them significantly better investments than the more typical 10 year or 20 year warranty you see with most brands. Although traditionally considered more of a budget brand, Goodman offers solid quality and stands behind their products. 
  2. American Standard Platinum series: Efficient with a SEER rating of 22, American Standard offers quiet operation systems with variable controls. 
  3. Heil QuietComfort Deluxe series: A high-efficiency, quiet system that homeowners can manage remotely for convenient use. 
  4. Bryant: With affordable units that offer decent features, Bryant represents a good option for typical home use. A reasonable warranty protects customers in case something goes wrong. 
  5. Lennox Signature series: Lennox products can be as efficient as 26 SEER, compared with many other brands that hover around the 20 mark. Lennox also offers more budget friendly, lower-efficiency models. Most Lennox products are Energy Star Qualified, making it easier to find an energy-efficient HVAC system. 
  6. Trane XR series: Trane products frequently make the top of every HVAC list. The brand has a strong reputation. You may find yourself amazed at the quality performance you get from a properly-installed and maintained Trane system. 
  7. Amana: With a strong warranty, Amana stands behind their products and offers a model that has a SEER rating of 24.5, representing a fairly high degree of efficiency for an HVAC system. 

Mini-Split Heating and Cooling Systems

When you try to heat or cool smaller areas or don’t want to install ductwork to put in a HVAC system, mini-split systems may come to your rescue. These smaller, more flexible devices don’t require ducts. As such, they involve more upfront expenses than many other HVAC options, particularly if you go room by room in a larger house. However, you may wish to consider these options for small projects or for highly-customized needs. 

  1. Blueridge ductless mini-split system with heat pump: Affordable, easily-installed, and quiet, these Blueridge units represent a fantastic option for climate control in small spaces or on a room-by-room basis. 
  2. LG mini-split: Low sound levels and good performance make LG products a great choice when you choose to avoid ductwork. 
  3. DuctlessAire: An easy-to-maintain, unobtrusive system, the DuctlessAire features some washable filters and comes with a HEPA filtration system to help manage smoke and other air quality issues. 
  4. Hessaire: Quiet and easy enough to install that your customers could almost do it themselves, Hessaire products are helpful for customizing HVAC needs to smaller spaces. 
  5. Finding the Right HVAC System for Your Customer

    Of course, ultimately the most important thing for an HVAC system is proper installation and maintenance. A properly installed system will provide many years (and possibly decades) of reliable comfort. Have a conversation with your customer about what they want and recommend the choices that match their desires.

    Not sure what to recommend? Read a few user reviews online or talk with colleagues and coworkers about their favorite brands to install and maintain. Many technicians and contractors have definitive preferences from years of experience. The popularity of certain models stays consistent year after year for good reason. The best products make a name for themselves.