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The Best Portable Restrooms at the WWETT Show

These portable toilet rental trailers are a must-have for your portable bathroom rental business.

The Smart Service team went to the WWETT Show in Indianapolis looking for inspiration, and the portable bathrooms on display there more than did the trick. We compiled the best in a list (and took pictures!) so you can revel in the delight that is the luxury porta potty business. So whether you are a portable bathroom rental company looking for new pieces to put in your showcase, a construction site manager with an on-site office, or just somebody interested in the comforts of home away from home, you’ll want to see these. In fact, you’ll have to see it to believe how beautiful some of these bathrooms truly are! Don’t mind the number ones and number twos, here are, in no order, the best portable thrones for you to sit back and… relax on.

1. Forest River Mobile Restrooms

The sleek gray exterior of the Forest River Mobile Restrooms unit is understated, but modern. A color-coded vacant/occupied sign lights up, telling you whether or not you should head to the trailer or find a secluded, well hidden area to do your business.. This unit shines when servicing big crowds or a large construction site. The trailer features two separate doors leading to single-stall halves. So one person at a time, people!
porta potties constructionvacant or occupiedurinal and toilet

2. Rich Specialty trailers

The Rich Specialty Trailers are beautifully crafted. Finished with modern sinks and a warming electric fireplace, they sure are top-of-the-line! Your customers will be shocked to see that the inside of this restroom trailer is decked out with the sweetest finishings. Not to mention, the fireplace actually functions! No need for roughing it; turns out doing nature’s business can be quite the luxurious experience.
restroom trailerfireplace in bathroom trailerrestroom stall

3. Jag Mobile Solutions

Jag Mobile Solutions units are beautifully designed with different themes to suit various events. They even have shower units for customers with extended-stay restroom needs! So whether your customers prefer handling their… personal business in country-chique or masculine-modern settings, you can rest assured that your company can suit their needs!
country chique restroom trailershower in restroom trailer

4. Ameri-Can Engineering

This has to be the prettiest exterior to ever grace the porta potty rental realm. (Rumor has it, this is the cottage that trapped Hansel and Gretel with its inviting quaintness.) This Ameri-Can Engineering trailer, besides having a hilarious brand name, looks like a cottage out of a fairy tale and is perfect for customers who want a restroom trailer without the restroom trailer look. There are separate stalls inside, each fitted with its own sink and toilet!
luxury bathroom trailer cottage stylebathroom stall in portable trailerrestroom trailer multiple stalls

5. Polyportables

Yes, there are luxury porta potties too! A step above the standard porta potty, Polyportables makes units perfect for any construction site manager who wants to find something a little better for their workers. Each porta potty is spacious and provides thoughtful conveniences. There are also portable hand washing stations and portable showers! If you need a construction site porta potty, this is the one for you. Your construction workers will thank you, and your nose will thank you too.
porta potties for construction sitesbest porta potty for construction workersportable shower for construction sitehand washing station for construction site


The WWETT Show may have ended, but you can still get some much-needed inspiration from the proceedings. Whether you want some porta potty rental business ideas, cater to a luxury portable bathroom rental market, or want to purchase a porta potty for construction, this list of luxury porta potty trailers serves as a great starting point!