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March 5, 2021


The Best Pest Control Apps

The right pest control apps can help organize your business and improve efficiency.

Pest control, extermination, bug killing—whatever you call it—your business will only be as good as the infrastructure that supports it. Back in the day, that may have meant choosing the right filing system, having a giant appointment book, and keeping an organized Rolodex, but times have changed. Today, running a better pest control business just involves a few taps on a smartphone or tablet—if you know which apps to use.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best apps for running your pest control business.


How does your pest control business keep everything organized? You could keep file cabinets with an elaborate filing system, or you could go digital and keep everything in the cloud. Evernote makes it easy to store and organize documents. Everything gets stored in different notebooks. Your pest control business could have one Evernote notebook that contains all the paperwork your techs need while another one has current pricing information, so your team writes accurate extermination services estimates. Evernote also has some robust project management and collaboration features that could make your pest control business run smoothly.


When you have a pest control business, you need an easy way to dispatch appointments and manage customer information. The pest control app iFleet puts everything in one place. Your techs can use it to see schedules as well as the contact information for your customers—and that’s just the beginning. iFleet also organizes equipment records and service histories so that every single one of your exterminators remains on the same page and your customers get the same experience every time. And, like Evernote, iFleet can handle fillable forms and other critical company paperwork.


Apps can help you accept payments more easily too. PayPal serves as one option. It can help you create invoices, build a checkout for your website, create recurring payments, and accept payments on the go. While many apps do similar things, PayPal is a familiar and trusted name that your customers will happily use. The service also provides you with important tools so that you can run your business better, like payment tracking and financing options for both you and your customers.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks has made their bookkeeping software program for a long time. If you do business in North America, you are probably aware that it exists. QuickBooks has long helped businesses wrap their arms around bills and income. QuickBooks Online comes in many forms (for different business sizes), but fear not! We actually compiled a handy guide to help you choose the version that makes the most sense for your company. Another unsung advantage to using QuickBooks? The software integrates with many other programs, including the pest control dispatching system Smart Service.


Communication can pose a challenge to any service business. So much of your day gets spent out in the field that staying in touch can involve a mess of text messages, emails, phone calls, and more. It is tough to keep track of every conversation. Stop the confusion with Slack. This app gives a single point of contact for team messages AND you can divide your communications into different “channels” based on what works for you. For instance, you might have one Slack channel for your exterminators and another for your sales team. Not only will you have a location for your communications, but you can search them for keywords and attach important documents.


Running a field services business can make you feel like you have a hundred balls in the air. You have to juggle your technicians and salespeople as well as service contracts. On top of it all, you have equipment to manage and chemicals to order. That’s a lot going on, especially when your team may not spend a ton of time in the office. Using the right apps will let you touch-base and improve communication, all while keeping better records.