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At Smart Service, we work tirelessly to deliver the best possible software experience for our customers. This means incorporating user feedback and continually responding to industry trends. Every quarter, we release a major update that expands the functionality and features of Smart Service and iFleet. To browse a list of these additions, read on! To update your software to take advantage of these changes, click here.

Update 94: Revamped Purchase Orders, Job Exceptions, Report Templates

Released on April 15, 2016, Update 94 brings over a dozen great new features to Smart Service and iFleet. 

Peruse the list of exciting additions below.

Revamped Purchase Orders - We've overhauled purchase orders! Open the job items tab, and Smart Service will display purchase orders, letting the user review pending and received items. Several new shortcuts encourage simpler creation of purchase orders.

Updating Information En Masse - Perform bulk updates to job/customer information with the new “Copy Data” function. This utility updates specific information (like an email address) on every location and job for a customer at once.

Job Exceptions - iFleet users can now mark jobs with a job exception when they have to leave that job unfinished. This sends a signal to office staff that additional work/attention (an additional trip, for instance) is needed before the job can be closed out.

Smart Routes - The optional Smart Service routing add-on Smart Routes now features an interactive map and the ability to reorder, add, and delete stops.

Report Templates - By creating a second copy of an existing report, Smart Service users can effectively use existing reports as templates for future reports.

Customizable Prospect Terminology - The term "prospect" can now be replaced throughout Smart Service by a term specified by your company. (This can be accomplished in the "Estimate" tab in Smart Service Setup.)

Customizable Contacts Search Screen - Users can now control which columns appear during a contacts search, as well as dictate the order in which those columns appear.

Smart Pane Improvement - The Smart Pane now displays relevant information for recurring jobs, including the date, time, and employee associated with the previous visit.

New Reporting Fields - New equipment quantity/rate reporting fields help track customer equipment.

Google Calendar Name Omission - When an address gets sent to Google Calendar, name information is removed to better facilitate accurate navigation.

Group Service Agreement Mail Merge - Mail merge functionality has been added to the Service Agreement module. This allows a subscription reminder to be sent to all customers whose service agreements expire in a certain month.

iFleet Override Confirmation - If a Smart Service user attempts to resend a job to iFleet, a new notice warns the user that doing so will override any changes made to that job in iFleet.

Inactive Users - Inactive users are now hidden by default.

Google Calendar Phone Numbers - When a phone call is scheduled, the phone number associated with that phone call is now added to Google Calendar.

If you have questions about utilizing any of these new features, call (888-518-0818) or order additional training!

Click to view the complete 10.94 release notes.

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Posted by: My Service Depot on Friday, April 15, 2016.


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