Pest Control Software Compatible with QuickBooks

Smart Service seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, making physical filing and separate software programs unnecessary. Smart Service immediately imports your company’s database from QuickBooks, meaning you won’t have to start with an empty customers list. Instead, you will instantly gain access to your current customer files, employee information, and product inventory. If you add a new record with Smart Service, the information will instantly sync to QuickBooks. Best of all, you can connect our pest control software with any of QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Online.

Schedule Service Jobs with Quickbooks Pest Control Software

When a customer calls your pest control company, they need attention immediately. Whether you use paper and pen or software, your dispatchers will probably scramble to get the client’s appointment scheduled. This delay can leave your customers impatiently waiting and your dispatcher stressed out. You can eliminate these concerns by scheduling service jobs with Smart Service, a QuickBooks pest control software.

Smart Service enables your dispatcher to immediately schedule a service appointment while remaining on the phone with the customer. Dispatchers can instantly view available time slots, suggest these openings to the client, and schedule their appointment. This scheduled addition will sync with QuickBooks, immediately populating your company’s calendar to eliminate double bookings. With pest control software for QuickBooks, the customer no longer waits on hold or for a call back while you set up the appointment. Your dispatcher will take job notes, pick a time, and assign a technician, all during the initial phone call.

Send Job Invoices with QuickBooks-Integrated Pest Control Software

For field service companies, communication between office dispatchers and on-site technicians can sometimes make for a struggle. No technician wants to pause in the middle of a job to take a phone call from the office. By the same token, a dispatcher may have trouble connecting with a technician while busy talking to a client. Even if they can connect, relaying job invoice information over the phone poses a challenge that can lead to costly misunderstandings.

The solution to all of these issues is Smart Service and the iFleet field service app for field service workers. Your pest control technicians can generate invoices and even collect payment on-site using the iFleet app. This information then goes to your company’s QuickBooks database, where it can be accessed by workers in the future. With the Smart Service pest control software QuickBooks add-on, you can view which customers have already paid and which clients still need billed. Smart Service enables your pest control business to obtain all of this information without the rigorous back-and-forth between technicians and dispatchers.

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