Location Tracking with iFleet Mobile Workforce

Dispatchers should have a sense of urgency when scheduling pest control service appointments. When pests have invaded a client’s building or residence, dispatchers should show that they can quickly take action to eradicate the problem. With pest control dispatch software by Smart Service you can instantly locate technicians out in the field via their iFleet mobile workforce app. Technicians use the iFleet app to access job notes, generate quotes, view scheduled appointments, and much more. The iFleet mobile workforce app also boasts built-in GPS features for mapping out job locations. Dispatchers can use this GPS to locate technicians that may be close to an emergency appointment request. If the nearby technician has an open time slot, your dispatchers can schedule that same technician for an emergency appointment. The technician will receive the schedule change on their mobile device and head out to complete the next job. With this feature, dispatchers can confidently give the client an estimated time for their pest control appointment.

Connecting Dispatchers to Field Technicians

With pest control dispatch software, dispatchers can connect to technicians without picking up the phone. In the past, essentially all communication in a pest control company was done via phone. These calls could be time consuming, ignored, or disruptive to the technician hard at work. Now with pest control dispatch software, your office can relay messages, job notes, schedule changes, and more right to your technician’s mobile device. Forget about scrambling through schedules and paperwork, or possibly interrupting the important job at hand. When a technician receives a message from a dispatcher, they can check on it when it is convenient for them to do so. They will have all the job locations, instructions, and necessary details in front of them to complete the work. If new appointments are scheduled on the same day, your technicians will be able to view the schedule change from their mobile device. Job quotes, invoices, and other files can also move instantly to the iFleet app on your technicians’ mobile devices. With all these features from Smart Service pest control dispatch software, your technicians will complete their jobs faster and your office lines will stay open for dispatchers to take in more work.

Chemical Tracking System with Job Notes

All pest control companies must keep track of the chemicals they apply to the homes or businesses they visit. With pest control dispatch software by Smart Service, you can add notes while on the job. The next technician can check the customer’s work history to find these records. Using this tool can help you develop a chemical tracking system within your database to avoid overexposing a client’s home or business and to remain within compliance with local standards. The notes taken by your technician will become available to your dispatcher before the client schedules their next job. Comprehensive notes and records from previous work completed will inform new technicians dispatched to the same location.

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