Dispatch Software That Integrate Fully With QuickBooks To Save You Time

Smart Service janitorial service dispatch software is unique in that it pairs with QuickBooks to copy all the data you’ve already entered. Names, addresses, specific instructions, and additional notes you’ve made will all transfer over. There’s no need to worry about losing any information, and better still, this allows you to streamline invoicing and cut out wasted time.

Go From Scheduling To Dispatching In One Smooth Step With Smart Service

Our easy, no-fuss scheduling software makes dispatching a breeze. Smart Service utilizes a click and drag interface that makes it simple to assign a job, and because all aspects of Smart Service are connected, that information is relayed to your field teams without any extra steps. You set a job, and not only do they now know, they have access to that customer’s address, job specifications, notes, routes, and any other pertinent information in your customer file. No need to call anyone and play phone tag, as long as they have their Smart Service mobile app, our janitorial service dispatch software does the leg work for you.

Our Mobile App Connects The Office To The Field

Smart Service janitorial service dispatch software lets your teams view their schedules in real-time, receive directions to jobs, contact customers, complete paperwork, and generate estimates, all from the field and all with their phone or tablet. You can change the job details, address, or notes at any time and our mobile app will show the latest information once it refreshes. No need to call and check on employee progress. From the office you can track your field teams to see where they are on their route. The mobile app allows your teams (both field and office) to optimize their time and refine their focus.

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