Improve Efficiency with HVAC Dispatch Software

In the world of HVAC, timely and organized technician dispatching means everything to your bottom line. Punctual scheduling and prompt arrivals from your HVAC technicians improves customer relationships and can increase the chance that you will get the call when another heating or air conditioning emergency arises. Imagine being able to dispatch a technician who is already out in the field without having to make multiple phone calls, digging through customer account information, or worrying about double-booking. Smart Service HVAC dispatch software eliminates all that hassle and extra effort. Simply add the job to a tech’s schedule and Smart Service will do the rest.

Smart Service and iFleet – A Perfect HVAC Dispatch Solution

Scheduling a new job is only one part of effective dispatching. Getting the information to your technicians in a timely and organized fashion… that’s the hard part. With iFleet, the mobile field service app and companion to Smart Service, this crucial part of the dispatch process is made simple! When you schedule a new job for a technician in Smart Service, it will deploy to the technician’s mobile device with customer information, GPS navigation to the job site, customer equipment, job history, and more! iFleet also allows you to monitor your technician’s location and capture customer signatures on the job. Breathe easy when an emergency call comes in, knowing you have control with Smart Service and iFleet as your HVAC dispatch software solution.

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