Schedule Fire Protection Jobs Using Customer Data on QuickBooks!

You know the drill. You get a phone call for a new job. You spend forever trying to write down customer information, find old information in all your files, identify a good time to schedule the job that works for both the customer and your technicians. Not to mention the endless hours you spend putting all that information into QuickBooks at the end of the day.

With Smart Service for QuickBooks, seamless integration means all that is done in a snap! Existing QuickBooks information is there from the start, and a smart schedule means no back-and-forth calls just to schedule a job. It’s easy-to-use and simply does it all!

Dispatch Easily with Fire Protection Software for QuickBooks

Smart Service allows you to dispatch your technicians easily, saving you time and money. When your schedule is integrated with QuickBooks, you can create jobs using existing customer and equipment information. That information gets sent to your technicians—even if they’re on the go! The Smart Service mobile app provides your technicians the ability to review customer information, fill out forms, and receive payments without annoying papers to get in the way. Dispatching and communication has never been easier!

Keep Track of Your Technicians with Fire Protection Software for QuickBooks

While your technicians are out doing inspections on fire protection equipment, you can make sure they are where they are supposed to be. Your technicians can also use Smart Service navigating and optimized routes to keep track of where they are. Find your best routes for multiple job sites and don’t get lost on the road! The Smart Service dispatch software for QuickBooks keeps you and your technicians informed on the where, when, and what.

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