Fire Protection Dispatch Software Gets You Where You Need to Be

Getting your technicians to where they need to go can be difficult without a good navigation system. The Smart Service mobile app gives you navigation built for driving in between jobs. The routes are optimized so that you schedule jobs in an order that makes the most sense for your technicians and your wallets. Instead of driving between opposite ends of the city, find out which route makes the most sense. From the office, you can even schedule jobs for technicians already on the go. They receive the job on their mobile app and can accept it there. Calling in between your techs and customers to try to schedule? Not anymore!

QuickBooks On-the-Go with Fire Protection Dispatch Software

If you’re a business, you know the value of QuickBooks. When you make a new job on Smart Service, it populates with information on the customer and equipment that you have prestored on QuickBooks. With the Smart Service mobile app, your technician then has this information on their phone or tablet. How neat is that! When a job is complete, collect signatures and payments on-the-go. Then back at the office, generate automatic invoices on QuickBooks. This puts money in your bank faster and easier!

Smart Service Mobile App Increases Profitability

Time is money, and wasted time means wasted money. Don’t let your business waste money scheduling, driving all around town, and using paper forms. Smart Service dispatch software for fire protection eliminates waste and puts money in your bank faster with QuickBooks integration.

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