Pair Job Scheduling with QuickBooks

Your schedules are your weekly plan for your field service management business. Though easy to take for granted, they dictate when and where your technicians go! That’s why time spent trying to figure out the best way to schedule is wasted time. With Smart Service field service management software for QuickBooks, you have all of your customer information at hand. No more going back-and-forth between QuickBooks, your customer information, and your schedule to try to create your plan for the week!

Import Existing Customer Information from QuickBooks

When your field service management software is integrated with QuickBooks, so is all of your client information! When you create a new job, Smart Service uses any existing customer information to fill in the work order. That work order information is then linked to the Smart Service mobile app! All the information you need is in the palm of your hands—literally. This means no information lost between the seams, and no time lost in the process.

Collect Payment in the Field with QuickBooks Integration

As a field service management business, most of your work is done on-the-go. With our field service mobile app, you can extend your office to the road. Collect customer signatures and payments on the spot! Then when your work order is complete, our field service management software for QuickBooks will create a ready-to-bill invoice. No more copying information down a million times—all of it is already there. Don’t sweat it!

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