Schedule Jobs for QuickBooks Customers!

Smart Service teams up with QuickBooks from the jump, allowing users to dive in right away and start scheduling work for their existing QuickBooks customers. In a single window, users can view all the work assigned over a particular day or week (as well as for individual technicians). To schedule a new job when a call comes in, dispatchers simply click, drag, and release. Even better, creating new customers and scheduling work for them is just as easy. Smart Service is easy-to-use electrician software that does it all!

Dispatch Easily with Electrician Software for QuickBooks

Without Smart Service, dispatching quickly becomes a nightmare. When a new call comes in, how do you get the relevant info to your tech in the field? How many trips do they make back to the office every day to pick up and drop off paperwork? With Smart Service, this waste becomes a relic of a bygone era. Office dispatchers enter info into Smart Service, then dispatch that data to field technicians with the click of a mouse. Thanks to the Smart Service mobile app, technicians always know where to go and what to do next.

Time Tracking for QuickBooks

When your technicians start traveling to a new job, they’ll log their drive time by tapping a button in iFleet, the Smart Service mobile app. When they arrive, they’ll tap another button, indicating that billable production time has begun. All of this time tracking information gets saved with the work order. When the tech finishes the job, the data travels back to the office and into Smart Service. Once the office team approves the work, the info moves directly into QuickBooks. This makes time tracking more precise than ever before, as it requires very little for your team to keep their timestamps up to date. Smart Service unlocks a smoother overall job process for your entire company.

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