Get Your Crew to the Job With Construction Dispatch Software

Adding construction dispatch software helps streamline your dispatch operations and gives your team’s productivity and communication a boost. You will appreciate the ease with which you can deploy your construction team. No more phone tag or unnecessary trips to the office. When a new call comes in, simply find the nearest or next available crew member, add the job to their schedule, and save. Instantly, this new job gets sent to your team out in the field, along with all of the job information and location details. With Smart Service construction dispatch software, your company can complete more jobs, respond to estimate requests quicker, and solve the dilemma of miscommunication.

A Construction Dispatch Software Solution That You Own

Afraid of costly subscription fees or the consequences of added construction software expenses when growing your construction crew? With Smart Service, you pay a one-time fee for our construction dispatch software, eliminating the fear of hidden costs or growing expenses. While many additional features, support, or add-ons exist to help customize Smart Service construction dispatch software, your business can effectively own everything you need to streamline your scheduling and dispatch operations for a one-time purchase price. Whether you are looking for a construction dispatch software solution or are simply tired of paying continual fees for your current software and are looking to switch, Smart Service pays for itself over time when compared to most subscription-based solutions.

Smart Service and iFleet – Completing the Construction Dispatch Software Solution

iFleet, our mobile field service app and companion piece to Smart Service construction dispatch software, makes scheduling and dispatching tasks easy. This mobile service app allows you to schedule a new job for a field worker and instantly send the information to their mobile device. When you send a job to your on-site worker’s device, the worker will receive customer information, the GPS route to the job site, necessary equipment information, customer history, and more! iFleet will also allow your office team to track the location of your crews throughout the day, making sure they make it to appointments on time. All this information will help your team go above and beyond expectations.

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