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The Top 5 Plumbing Podcasts for Technicians and Business Owners

Put that windshield time to use! These plumbing podcasts will help your business reach the next level.

The plumbing industry is continually evolving. With every new trend, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest. As a plumbing technician or business owner, you have to offer your customers the top of the line service that they have come to expect. Are your services green? Do you offer “smart-home” compatible options? Do your plumbers know how to put your environmentally conscious customers at ease?

And what about all the business considerations outside of pipes and seals? For example, you can’t grow past a certain point without marketing your business. The plumbing industry will always remain ultra-competitive. You need to ensure that potential customers can find your company and its offerings.

So, where do you turn to learn this information? While some may turn to search engines, not everyone has time to read through lengthy blog posts and articles to gather the best data on running a plumbing company. Luckily, there is an alternative: podcasts! The great thing about podcasts? You can listen while doing other things. In some cases, you can even listen while driving to or performing a plumbing job.

Podcasts have become a viable resource for many, in all industries, because of their portability and the wide range of topics they cover. Most podcasts are, in essence, a conversation between individuals. This makes them easy to follow and digest. Below you will find a list of the top 5 podcasts for the plumbing industry. 

Potty Talk LIVE

This Richard Behney podcast is a gold mine for those in the plumbing business. This show spans 260+ episodes, with topics ranging from how much to pay your employees to managing your own work/life balance as the owner of a service company. Richard has worked in the plumbing industry for nearly 30 years. On top of creating weekly podcasts, he runs a website ( geared around coaching professional plumbers in running effective businesses.

The Plumbing Sales Coach

The title “The Plumbing Sales Coach” says it all! This podcast will help get listeners whipped into shape when it comes to writing service tickets that offer customers amazing value and make you more money. Chris Fresh hosts industry experts as they walk listeners through everything it takes to make their businesses profitable, while maintaining a healthy work/life balance!

Plumbing & HVAC SE‪O

This podcast is a bit more niche than the previous entries on the list, but it does provide valuable insight on running a website that yields leads and increases profitability. Josh Nelson provides granular details on topics such as optimizing your presence on Google search tools (such as Google Maps, Google Local Services, and Google Ads). The podcast is specifically targeted to those that manage a website for plumbing services and can help anyone build a better website through leveraging the core principles of internet marketing.

The Blue Collar Gold Podcast‬

Mark Stoner has plenty of experience running a service business and he passes that on to the listeners of his podcast every week! Mark is the writer of an Amazon best seller and owner of Ashbusters Chimney Service out of Nashville, TN. While his podcast is not specifically focused on the plumbing industry, he does provide helpful advice on running a service business that applies to a wide variety of industries. He’s been through both failure and success as a business owner, and shares what he has learned from his decades of experience.

The Home Service Expert Podcast

While not geared specifically towards the plumbing industry, The Home Service Expert Podcast has a huge following amongst field service pros. Every week, Tommy Mello speaks with a different leader in the service industry about wide ranging topics that focus on building a successful service business. These topics include everything from how to recruit the best talent to branding and marketing. Tommy has built his company A1 Garage Doors into a $50M powerhouse business, and he shares his story with listeners! This makes the show a must listen for anyone who owns a plumbing business and wants to grow into an industry leader!

You’ll find many other podcast that focus on the plumbing industry, but the five listed above share one common attribute; they are all currently active and get updated weekly. We deliberately left out quite a few podcasts due to the fact that they no longer publish content on a regular basis. Thus, this list should serve as a great starting point for finding a pod that speaks to you best and delivers content you can put to use right away.