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7 Must-Have HVAC Apps

If you’ve ever downloaded an app and went on to say how did I ever live without this, I feel you.

I have quite a few handy apps on my phone that have completely changed the way I do mundane, everyday things. Some alleviate stress I didn’t even realize I had in my pre-app days. Now I have apps to watch my spending habits, translate the stock market into a language I actually understand, remind me when to call my mother, and even share my grocery list with roommates. There is literally an app for everything, your HVAC business included.

In an effort to make sure you know what’s out there, I’ve gathered a list of apps that will change the way you think about running your business. Download these, and your smartphone can become an indispensable hub from which you can control every aspect of your company. So without further ado, check out the seven apps that will boost your HVAC business’ potential and productivity.

1. iFleet

HVAC Powerhouse

Let’s start with the crown jewel. Developed by Smart Service, iFleet acts as a mobile extension of the best HVAC business software on the market. iFleet gives your technicians access to schedule updates, detailed job information including customer contact info, service history, job notes, equipment records, any and all company forms, and much more. With the easy communication, effortless connection with Smart Service, intuitive customer management, and options for GPS tracking, iFleet combines the best aspects of several of the other business apps on this list. Rather than downloading five different apps, use iFleet as an all-in-one HVAC powerhouse. When partnered with Smart Service, this app becomes a skeleton key for unlocking productivity. Want a guided tour? Request a demo today.

2. QuickBooks


If you are a small business interested in QuickBooks Online, there’s really no reason not to get the app! QuickBooks is the premier accounting software on the market, and now it fits right in your pocket. As a bonus, the aforementioned Smart Service HVAC business software integrates directly with QuickBooks to revolutionize the way your company does business. If you aren’t actually sure which version of QuickBooks is going to be right for you (it is pretty confusing), I have your back. Check out my guide that breaks down your QuickBooks options.

3. HVAC Check & Charge (iOS, Android)

HVAC Reference

If you’re on the job and need an on-site refrigerant charge calculator, look no further than HVAC Check & Charge. This handy reference app allows contractors to easily calculate correct system refrigerant charge for R-22, R-410A, R-32, R-407C, and R-134a. Technicians can also choose subcooling, superheat, or airflow calculators. Once you open the calculator, you enter some key information, determine the right charge, and get any system up and running without wasting time. If you struggle with HVAC formulas, this app could help out, big time.

4. Slack

Workforce Communication

Slack is a communication app that can streamline the way you and your team talk. You can organize your team’s communications into public or private channels, as well as direct messages. Slack also makes sharing images, files, PDF’s, and anything else a breeze. According to a 2015 company survey, Slack users held 25.1% fewer meetings and sent 48.6% fewer internal emails after installing and using the app, leading to an overall 32.4% increase in productivity. Another 80% said Slack improved transparency and office culture. Slack is a premier communication platform that lets you organize how and who you talk to within your business.

5. Evernote


Take notes for your business, not just yourself. Evernote makes it so that you’ll never again have to worry about attempting to access notes taken on your desktop from your mobile phone, or vice versa. Sync your notes automatically across multiple devices with Evernote and then share them with employees. This app comes with a number of different packages to meet your specific needs, including a business plan that includes additional team and administrative features.

6. Dropbox

Data Storage

If you aren’t backing up your data and files on the cloud, you are asking for trouble. What happens when you drop that phone in a puddle and it dies on you? Or when your hard drive fails? Don’t lose weeks, months, or even years of important documents and files. Nowadays most people know that they should backup their data, but fewer know exactly how they need to go about it. Dropbox allows you to easily backup all of your important data and documents to the cloud for safekeeping. As an added bonus, you can access these documents from any device you wish. The process is a snap and will leave you wondering why you hadn’t tried it already.

6. HVAC Buddy (iOS, Android)

HVAC Calculator

Remember how some math teachers wouldn’t let you use graphing calculators on tests because it made the work too easy? This is the HVAC equivalent, except I’m not your teacher and I actually want you to do your job as easily as possible. HVAC Buddy is an all-in-one job site assistant that will keep you safe and working efficiently. HVAC Buddy ranked second in reader’s choice of Top 10 Contracting Apps and includes various calculations and tables. The app updates temperatures in real time so you know how effective the changes you’re making actually are.

These apps are amazing for upping certain aspects of your productivity, and just reading about them can help you identify places in your business where you didn’t even know you could improve efficiency. Of course, if you think you might want less of an app and more of an all-inclusive HVAC software solution, Smart Service can help. Smart Service takes many of the benefits of these apps and puts them into one QuickBooks-integrated software solution. You can increase profits and efficiency more with Smart Service than with any other HVAC software on the market. Schedule a free demo of Smart Service today and see for yourself!