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January 18, 2021


Free QuickBooks Training Resources

New to QuickBooks? Bookmark this list of free training resources to get up to speed with the program.

QuickBooks is an incredibly powerful bookkeeping software, available in both desktop and online versions for anyone from a self-employed DIY-er to an enterprise-sized businesses. We’re proud to offer QuickBooks integration with our Smart Service software in order to make it as easy as possible to conduct scheduling, billing, and customer management in a single software system.

However, with the power and breadth of QuickBooks comes a bit of a learning curve. It’s not necessarily a steep one, because QuickBooks aims to provide an easy and intuitive tool for accountants and business owners alike. But with so many features available, it’s smart to take advantage of free QuickBooks training resources to learn the ins and outs of what this software can truly do. We’ve compiled some of the best free QuickBooks training resources below.

Straight to the Source: The QuickBooks Website

You can’t go wrong learning about QuickBooks from the Intuit website itself. The site boasts several different sections to help you, from general business tips to basic tutorials to more complex troubleshooting solutions.

QuickBooks tutorials provide assistance via a video series. Choose whether to watch videos geared toward small businesses or toward accountants, and then select the topic you find interesting: accounting, invoicing, sales, taxes, expenses, inventory, paying employees, and insights. Each topic has multiple videos that teach you how to quickly accomplish various bookkeeping tasks in QuickBooks. 

If you’d rather read the solutions instead of watch a video, then the QuickBooks FAQs section has you covered. The FAQ includes topics like QuickBooks online, QuickBooks desktop, switching from the online version to the desktop version (and vice versa), payments, and basic and advanced payroll options.

It’s worth noting that QuickBooks offers tips and advice for far more than just bookkeeping practices. Their website has Quick Start Guides to help new freelancers and small business owners make sense of their finances. It also features videos with advice from entrepreneurs, articles, and a blog. Explore and you’ll find even more resources, along with the answers to anything related to money and business.

Squire QuickBooks Advantage

If you can’t afford your own QuickBooks consultant, what’s the next best thing? Well, reading the Squire QuickBooks Advantage blog certainly comes close. Read about how to make the most of QuickBooks from the perspective of QuickBooks ProAdvisors, or watch their videos if you prefer to learn visually. If you live in Utah, you can even attend Squire’s free seminars for an in-depth look into various QuickBooks topics. 

Hector Garcia’s Accounting / QuickBooks Blog

Having a certified CPA and QuickBooks ProAdvisor on your side can give you the confidence you need to make smart financial decisions and move your business forward. And reading Hector Garcia’s blog or watching his YouTube videos makes you feel like he’s right in the room with you, giving you tips and tricks for making the most of QuickBooks. You can also find free PDF QuickBooks guides and downloadable manuals on his website. 

EC QuickBooks Training YouTube Channel

For visual learners, YouTube offers a plethora of videos about QuickBooks. But not all of them are worth your time: some have low-quality images, others feature boring and off-topic monologues, and occasionally the presenters don’t explain things clearly. That’s why finding a channel like EC QuickBooks Training comes as a breath of fresh air. You can end your search for videos that get straight to the point while remaining high quality and easy to understand, because Liz, the host, knows exactly what you need and how to explain it. 

She has been an active QuickBooks YouTuber for over five years and continues to regularly release videos to her subscribers. As an accountant, Liz understands the QuickBooks functions small business owners frequently use.  Her videos often focus on troubleshooting confusing tasks in QuickBooks and providing easy solutions to common problems. 

Nancy Smyth’s Blogs

Nancy Smyth has been a proud user since the early days of QuickBooks back in the 90’s. She has seen this software grow and change, and she has in-depth knowledge acquired from years of getting to know the product. Nancy understands exactly how small business owners can best use QuickBooks, and she focuses on the same population of business owners that we serve here at Smart Service: contractors. 

Although her blogs have remained quiet for several years, much of the information is still up to date and relevant, so we still recommend checking out her QuickBooks for Contractors blog. She also has a construction business-centric website. Head over to the “Free Stuff” section for videos, written workarounds, reviews, and more.

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