Septic Tank Service Dispatch Software Integrates With QuickBooks

You already use QuickBooks to manage your accounting, why not use it to supercharge your septic tank service dispatch operations? Using data that you’ve already entered into QuickBooks, Smart Service dispatch software automatically sends customer information like customer history and job notes along with any new job assigned making it easy on your employees in the field. They even have customer contact information to call ahead and give an arrival time. Smart Service dispatch software makes it easy to record new customer information and ensure your team remains fully prepared to handle any job that comes your way.

Dispatch Software Eases The Hassle Of Scheduling New Jobs Throughout The Day

When a customer calls to schedule a service appointment, Smart Service dispatch software allows you to pull a single page with all your technicians currently in the field and their different availabilities. Smart Service takes all the frustration and stress of keeping a customer on hold while you sort through paperwork (and your memory) to see who might be able to take this new job. Dispatchers can schedule any appointment with just a few clicks. Better still, their work will automatically sync to all company devices, allowing other dispatchers to avoid overlaps or double bookings. The available technician will then receive their new job on their mobile device via the Smart Service app.

Smart Service Dispatch Software Allows For Easy Routing, GPS, and Mobile Capabilities

Once your septic tank service technicians receive a new job, the Smart Service routing and GPS features come into play. Technicians will be instantly notified of any changes to their route or new stops. Smart Service even allows dispatchers to locate workers in the field with GPS to see who is closest to the new job, where they are on their route, or how long it might take them to reach their next appointment. And technicians in the field can update work order information while in the field and close out invoices without having to make a stop back to the office. The Smart Service mobile app helps your septic tank service company streamline dispatching, work order generation, and invoicing all from a tablet or smartphone.

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