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Integrated Sales Software

Routzy-Smart Service integration runs both ways. Managers and office dispatchers can schedule estimates and sales calls for their reps using Smart Service, and field reps automatically generate activity reports for Smart Service when they use Routzy mobile CRM software. As the sales roll in, Smart Service schedules sold work as jobs back at the office. These jobs can then be dispatched straight to field technicians. Routzy and Smart Service team up to keep everything you need in one software system. Request a demo today to see how it works!

Contact Management

Nothing matches the ability to see all of your contacts in one place, no matter where the day takes you. Not only will Routzy give you a complete list of your prospects, but each entry logs the individual’s contact information, picture, business card, and any previous sales activities you (or anyone else in your company) performed on their behalf. This completely mobile CRM software will help you stay organized by instantly replacing your contacts list, GPS system, calendar, forms library, quoting system, and more. Request a demo today to see Routzy field sales software in action!

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Create Sales Quotes in the Field

Nothing impresses a prospect like Routzy’s ability to generate a quote in just a few seconds. Show up at a sales call and you’ll be able to create, modify, and finalize a great-looking quote in record time. Pull in line items at the speed of thought and swap in one set of terms and conditions for another in the blink of an eye. Finish a quote or proposal and you can fire off the completed document to your prospect and sales manager with the flick of a finger. Routzy sales software makes quoting so easy, it’s almost unfair!

digital forms for field service

Digital Forms

No matter the niche, sales requires paperwork. Stop wasting time digging through your briefcase in search of the appropriate document. Routzy mobile CRM software keeps all of your forms handy for use at a moment’s notice. Even if the day takes you offline, you’ll still have the paperwork you need at your beck and call.

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Sales Routes

Making a sales call on Main Street? See who else is in the area! Routzy’s routing feature is more than just GPS. Use it to reference the visual distribution of your prospects. Routzy updates the classic map board concept for the digital age. Give yourself the means to increase efficiency and keep tabs on your customers!

visual aid creator

Visual Aids

Years in sales have honed your ability to make a dynamite pitch. Now, bolster your presentation with some snazzy visual aids. Whether you want to make a drawing or annotate a photo, Routzy gets the job done. Finish your masterpiece and send it straight to your prospect, keeping everyone on the same page.

follow up on field service leads

Follow Ups

After making a sales call, frequent, prompt follow ups increase your chances of closing a deal like nothing else. Don’t let yourself forget about getting back in touch with a prospect. Set Routzy up to remind yourself to reach out to a prospect at regular intervals. With this sales software, it’s impossible to lose touch.

dropbox integration


When making sales calls in the field service world, you might find yourself visiting some unexpected places, places where internet access isn’t necessarily a given. Thanks to Routzy’s Dropbox integration, sales pros can get to their files and customer data anywhere, regardless of the wireless coverage situation.

field service analytics


As your team performs sales activities and starts quoting with Routzy, automated reports will begin to document all of their progress. This data will give the bosses the feedback they need to plan strategies and make big decisions. Don’t let sales manage you. Manage sales with sales manager software!

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