Never Leave Your Crews Guessing Again

With maid service software for QuickBooks you stay more connected to your crews than ever. Using GPS tracking they can find any residence or commercial building, and even email or call the customer to let them know they are on their way. You can also use the GPS functions to track crew productivity by looking at how long they spend in each location. Our mobile maid service app is great for boosting productivity, letting customers sign off on work in the field, and reducing the need for crews to return to the office. Smart Service streamlines the dispatching operation by making sure every part of the company remains as prepared as possible.

Get The Complete Scheduling Picture

The bulk of your business is recurring appointments and customers, regardless of whether they are residential or commercial. It’s crucial for your company to document, remember, and properly work with existing recurring customers. QuickBooks-integrated maid service software from Smart Service does exactly what you need, exactly how you need it. Because we are a QuickBooks add-on, Smart Service has the complete picture of your customer database and scheduling needs. Once you create a recurring job and post it to the scheduling page, your job is set. Smart Service takes it from there and remembers all standing and future appointments for as long as you need it to.

Keep Moving With A Software That Works For You

At Smart Service we’re here to help, but you own the software. That means that everything about the system is yours. The data, the licenses, it all belongs to your business. So any information you store on the server is yours to manage and to keep. And yes, every license you purchase can be moved to different devices. If you have a high turnover, or are just worried about losing an employee after you’ve given them access, it’s as easy as switching that license to a new mobile phone or tablet.

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