Smart Service Uses Quickbooks to Make Scheduling a Breeze

Because Smart Service is used in conjunction with QuickBooks, you already have all the information you need to start scheduling immediately. Our fully integrated locksmith software syncs with your QuickBooks. This means no double entering your data, no messy transfers, and no lost leads or customers. Once Smart Service is set up, scheduling is simple. Just begin typing your customer’s name into a scheduling slot and they pop up with an addresses, work history, and the notes that you had in QuickBooks.

Dispatching with Locksmith Software for QuickBooks is Easy

Rummaging through filing cabinets, double booking, and playing phone tag are all things of the past when your business uses Smart Service locksmith software for dispatching. The Smart Service software solution takes all the fuss out of dispatching. When you get a new call, just go to the calendar view of your available employees and see who is closest or who has an opening! Once the job is scheduled it will alert your technician through our mobile app along with all existing customer information, work history, installed equipment, and any other data.

Technicians In The Field Can Get Work Order Updates

The Smart Service software solution creates an ease of communication between your crews and your office with automatic field updates. Using the Smart Service mobile field service app, any new job or updated work order information is synced to technicians’ mobile devices. A quick refresh of the page and customer information, ideal routes, and real time updates are all available. All the techs need to do is check their mobile device. Communication is a two way street and your technicians can also update job progress, add line items for any services rendered, and collect customer signatures. The system sends job progress and completed paperwork back to Smart Service which creates a ready-to-bill invoice right in QuickBooks! This locksmith software ensures your billing stays accurate and remains comprehensive.

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