Capitalize on Schedule Openings with Handyman Software

Downtime can make for a costly problem for any field service business. Without an efficient scheduling system, your handymen could have hours of downtime between service jobs. This means money wasted from the company coffers. With handyman scheduling software, your dispatcher can easily find openings in each worker’s schedule for new service appointments. This calendar syncs throughout your handyman business, from the office workers at headquarters to the actual handyman workers jumping from job to job. This scheduling software will close the gap on downtime and eliminate double bookings. Meet your customers’ needs quicker and increase your handyman business’ profitability.

Handyman Scheduling Software for QuickBooks

The advantage of Smart Service handyman scheduling software comes in its ability to sync with QuickBooks. Connect your scheduled service appointments to billing information, client records, past job notes, and other features. No customer wants to wait on hold while your dispatcher scrambles through paperwork or tries to match up client records between two separate management systems. Our handyman scheduling software for QuickBooks gives your dispatcher all the customer information they need to give a quick response, suggest appointment times when scheduling, and thoroughly explain any items in regards to billing. Your clients will gain confidence in your company, and your dispatchers can more efficiently help each customer.

Equipping Each Handyman with Scheduling Service Software

Due to the wide variety of jobs assigned to your handymen, you must equip them with everything they need before they leave for the day. Handyman business software not only allows you to schedule appointments but also enables your dispatchers to save thorough job notes for each assignment. These notes will sync throughout your company’s database, and each handyman can pull them up on their iFleet app. With this information in tow, they will load up all the proper tools needed for the day and stop for any other supplies required to complete the job. These features will help cut down on a lot of typical back-and-forth trips that handymen usually have to make. This advanced notice will help them get the job done faster and complete more assignments each day.

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