Pair Job Scheduling with QuickBooks

Navigating back-and-forth between customer billing information in QuickBooks and a separate scheduling program became an antiquated practice when Smart Service hit the scene. With our field service software for QuickBooks, you can eliminate the hassle of cross-referencing paper files and work orders. Instead, you can view all the information for your client within a single software program. Easily make changes to the work schedule or add new appointments for technicians already out in the field. Using a field service software for QuickBooks also allows information to remain consistent and up-to-date across your entire company.

Import Existing Customer Information from QuickBooks

With your field service software synced to QuickBooks, you can access a wealth of information on each client whenever and wherever you are. When you create a new work order, Smart Service will pull any existing customer information into that work order. This work order will link to the iFleet app, which your technician can then view on their tablet or other compatible device out in the field. Your field service staff will have all the information imported from QuickBooks at their fingertips before they even start the next job. Your technicians will be well-informed in advance, which will eliminate the hassle of calling the office for any murky job details. This integration speeds up the time it takes to complete the job while saving the customer from explaining their job history or other details.

Collect Payment In the Field with QuickBooks Integration

Your field technicians put forth a lot of effort to get jobs completed. When they finish work, techs are eager to move on to the next challenge. This means the issue of payment can often take longer than it should. Smart Service and iFleet eliminate this concern by putting the controls back into the hands of the technicians. With iFleet, our field service mobile app, your technicians can collect customer signatures on the spot. Once the work order is closed, our field service software for QuickBooks will generate a ready-to-bill invoice with all of the correct information. Forget the days of under billing or struggling to get the required signatures on work orders.

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