Get Your Technicians to the Job With Document Destruction Dispatch Software

Getting your technicians to the job prepared and ready-to-go is part of what Smart Service offers. With optimized routing, Smart Service document destruction dispatch software not only gets you there on time, but also saves you time and money. Why drive all the way around town when you can plan multi-location routes with the easy click of a button? When your technicians arrive on the job site, they have all the power of the office to provide them the information they need to complete their jobs. Write down notes and read previous ones to make sure everything is accounted for!

The Document Destruction Dispatch Software That You Own

When you are investing in your business, you want to be sure that your investment will pay off over time. This is done easily with a flat-out purchase of Smart Service! Other companies charge monthly payments that continue over the entire course of your use. With Smart Service, your document destruction dispatch software is all yours. That way, you can quickly pay it off and be done while you continue benefiting from its use!

The Smart Service Mobile App Completes Your Document Destruction Dispatch Software Solution

The Smart Service mobile app is the extension of your office and your technicians’ lifeline. It allows your document destruction company to have access to their real-time schedules, job notes, and work orders. It makes communication much easier while significantly reducing the change of double-booking and other avoidable mistakes. Through the app, you can even collect payments and fill out forms on-site. Talk about handy!

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