Organize Your Team With Chimney Sweep Dispatch Software

If your scheduling and chimney sweep operations are still driven by archaic paper methods, you risk mistakes that can cost your business in terms of both money and reputation. With Smart Service, your office can schedule new jobs easily—without consulting the appointment book or playing phone tag with your technicians out in the field. Within one chimney sweep software solution, you can give your entire team all the information needed to finish the job on time and on target. Smart Service allows you to create new work orders that automatically pull in customer history, equipment information, and any special notes your team has made on previous jobs. Streamline communication and provide better service when you switch to Smart Service chimney sweep dispatch software!

Avoid Double Data Entry With Seamless QuickBooks Integration

Worried that getting into new software will require too much heavy lifting? (You have a lot of customer records, after all.) Well, have no fear! Smart Service imports all of your existing customer and employee data from QuickBooks with the click of a button. Better still, the data sharing between QuickBooks and Smart Service does not stop there. Updating records or creating new customers in Smart Service will also update or create a corresponding entry in QuickBooks, keeping your records up to date and avoiding the time wasted inputting information twice. This integration makes starting with Smart Service chimney sweep software a breeze! Also, because Smart Service integrates with QuickBooks, you can get paid faster after completing jobs. When a customer signs a work order, Smart Service completes the paperwork electronically, generating a ready-to-bill invoice inside QuickBooks.

Your Chimney Sweep Business Goes Mobile!

A powerful scheduling and chimney sweep dispatch software, Smart Service can also allow your company to go paperless with iFleet, the Smart Service field service mobile app. iFleet allows your chimney sweeps to receive real-time schedule updates, review all customer information while out in the field, use turn-by-turn navigation, update work orders on site, collect customer signatures electronically, and eliminate the need for your chimney sweeps to make trips back and forth from the office to collect or turn in paperwork during the day. With Smart Service and iFleet, you can communicate and manage your day to day operations like never before!

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