Increase Efficiency with Appliance Repair Scheduling Software

Appliances are important to any household. Thus, it is imperative that your repair team promptly tends to all of your customers. Smart Service appliance repair scheduling software will not only allow you to identify available team members instantly, it also has the capability to send job information, customer history, GPS directions, and individual customer notes directly to your team while they work out in the field. Thanks to Smart Service appliance repair scheduling software, you can save time and substantially bolster your organization’s communications.

Smart Service, iFleet, and your Appliance Repair Business

Smart Service and iFleet will take the efficiency of your staff to the next level. The iFleet field service app works with Smart Service and QuickBooks to eliminate double data entry and streamline the billing process. With these appliance repair scheduling solutions, you will streamline your scheduling, gain the ability to instantly reorganize your repair teams’ days when needed, track your team while they work in the field in real-time, generate work orders, and create accurate invoices in QuickBooks. iFleet will eliminate the need for paper documents while in the field, which will significantly decrease the chance of losing important notes and forms while on the job. This amazing program will also allow your repair team to see their daily schedule, update customer information, and record a customer signature after completing the job. Your team can also generate invoices with the right details right in QuickBooks, allowing you to invoice and collect payment faster. The most amazing part? Your repair team can do all of this through their mobile device! Smart Service appliance repair scheduling software and iFleet will expedite the documentation of every job while eliminating the risk of inaccuracies and lost documentation.

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